10 Foods to Avoid When You Are Trying to Lose Weight

by Kritika Adlakha | 2020-07-05

Having a healthy diet is directly linked to weight loss. Knowing what foods to avoid and what to eat can assist an individual reach or maintain their ideal weight.

Different foods undergo diverse metabolic pathways in the body.

They can have vastly different effects on your hunger, hormones, and the number of calories you burn.

For example, low-calorie foods lacking in nutrients like fiber and protein can, in any case, leave an individual inclination hungry and unsatisfied, which may make it harder to oppose craving those fatty snacks.

So you got the basic idea of why it is essential to eat healthily and avoid those junks when it comes to losing weight,

in this article, we will discuss 10 foods to avoid belly fat, i.e.; we are going to talk about the worst foods for weight loss.

1. Fried Potatoes (French Fries)

Fried potatoes

  • Fried food has a high content of calories, so as the name suggests, french fries are deep-fried potato sticks filled with a high concentration of salt, calories, and life taking fats
  • French fries are often cooked in a deep fryer to make them crispy although they might seem to taste good they are going to leave an adverse effect on your weight loss goals as this cooking method adds a significant amount of fat and calories, they also lack in fiber and protein content so by taking them you will not feel full for very long time
  • French fries dent your weight loss goals and affect your cardiovascular health as they contain life-taking trans fat and a significant amount of salt, which can be hazardous to your health
  • but you like potatoes very much then you should consider eating whole boiled potatoes which are not riskier than fried ones
  • what can be more dangerous than when you bake roast or fry potatoes may develop cancer-causing element called acrylamides, so may draw an idea as to how critical it is to eat those potatoes after processing
  • After all the discussion about French fries, they are not among the foods to eat to reduce belly fat and qualified as worst food for weight loss

Conclusion: Do not eat fried potatoes as it may become the reason of your weight gain when you are trying to lose weight, and if however, you want to eat potatoes then eat whole boiled potato without processing

2. Booze


  • Alcohol, liquor, drink whatever you call it, they are the reason if you are taking them and not losing weight
  • alcohols have very high and rich calorie content which makes it less healthy when you are looking to lose weight,
  • They are not only dense in calories but have no protein or fiber count, which makes them more deadly for your weight loss goal.
  • When you drink alcohol, you tend to become more relax and end up eating more and more, especially junk food that is going to harm your body and will add you to your weight gain.
  • however, if you want to enjoy drinks and want your weight loss and booze go hand in hand then avoid taking it in access instead take it in moderation do not overdo it
  • According to NIAAA, below are the calorie count, which was recorded after an experiment.
    1. Standard 12-ounce (oz) beer have 153 calories
    2. mild 12-oz beer has 103 calories
    3. A 5-oz glass of red wine may have 125 calories
    4. A 1.5-oz glass of an 80-proof distilled spirit may 97 calories

Conclusion: alcohol not only derails your weight loss goal, but they can increase other health risks like cancer when you take them in access amount, so whenever you drink alcohol, have an eye on the calorie count.

3. Packed Fruit Juice Available in the Market

Packed fruit juice available in the market

  • What number of us feels “solid” when we pick an organic product juice bottle at the market rather than any carbonated beverage? In case you’re one of them, read ahead to get your realities on point
  • Regardless of whether the pack is named as 100% unadulterated and non-concentrated, in the wake of being pressed from the organic product, the juices are put away in oxygen exhausted tanks for as long as a year before bundling. Because of this procedure, the natural juices lose their flavor, and consequently, the makers need to include “fake flavor packs.”
  • They are not less then those sugary beverages like cola let us talk about this in detail, Looking at Coca Cola and Apple Juice, we see that Coca-cola has 140 calories and 40 grams of sugar for every serving. What’s more, concerning squeezed apple, the calorie content is as high as 165 and contains 35 grams of sugar. Fruit juices contain a few supplements, however, the measure of sugar and low fiber content makes it similarly as damaging as the bubbly beverages
  • So it is better to grab whole fruit instead of those sugary market juices

Conclusion: go for whole fruit instead of packed fruit juices available in the market

4. Avoid White Foods such as White Pasta, White Bread, and White Rice

Avoid white foods such as white pasta, white bread, and white rice

  • White food is like the slow poison it will increase the risk of gaining weight, but it also puts your body vulnerable to many diseases
  • White pasta or bread that humans make using subtle wheat flour is typically high in calories and carbohydrates but low in fiber, protein, and other vitamins
  • Whole-grain sorts of pasta and bread are comfortably available. These typically comprise higher fiber and vitamins than white varieties, which may make them extra filling and healthful
  • White rice is low in fat yet also contains inconsequential fiber and protein
  • A recent report in Iran recognized a connection between white rice utilization and corpulence in female youths. White rice additionally has a high glycemic list, which implies that it can cause a spike in an individual’s glucose levels after they eat it
  • Earthy colored rice, quinoa, and cauliflower rice are refreshing choices to white rice. These choices are more extravagant in dietary fiber, enabling an individual to feel more full for more

Conclusion: avoid white food, it is considered the worst food for weight loss

5. Fruits (Mango, Banana, Raisins (Dry Fruit), Avocado, Grapes

Fruits (mango, banana, raisins (dry fruit), avocado, grapes

  • In this section, we will convey about the foods(grains) to avoid losing weight; we have selected 5 fruits to prevent weight loss. People have a myth that fruits are only healthier food. They do not contain anything which may harm them, but it is essential to know that all fruits are not very healthy when we talk about eating them to lose weight. Instead, their sugary nature can harm.
    1. Mango – Tropical organic products like pineapple and mango may have shrouded calories that can upset your weight reduction plans. It is ideal for maintaining a strategic distance from these natural products that are unnecessarily sweet as well.
    2. Banana- Bananas come stacked with calories and have excessive normal sugars present in it. One banana has 150 calories, which means around 37.5 grams of starches. Along these lines, if you are somebody who expends 2-3 bananas consistently, odds are this could prompt weight gain. It is perfect to have only one banana daily. As it is low in the glycaemic record, banana can, truth be told, make for a solid tidbit when appreciated with some restraint.
    3. Raisins – raisins, have more calories as they are drained of water content. One gram of raisins may have more calories when contrasted with grapes. In this way, a cup of raisins will have 500 calories, and one cup of prunes will have more than 450 calories, which is a great deal if you are watching your weight. It is ideal for eating dry natural products in limited amounts.
    4. Grapes – While they are extraordinary for, in general, wellbeing, grapes are stacked with sugar and fats, which makes them an inappropriate natural product to eat while on a strict weight-reduction diet. 100 grams of grapes may contain 67 calories and 16 grams of sugar, which implies standard admission of these little joys could cause weight gain.
    5. Avocado – Any unhealthy natural product ought to be devoured less. One of these harmful organic products is avocado; it is said that 100 grams of this natural product contains around 160 calories. While avocado is a decent wellspring of sound fats, it can effectively up your numbers on the gauging scale when devoured past reasonable sums. This doesn’t mean you dispose of it out of your eating regimen, and it is ideal for eating this natural product with some restraint.

Conclusion: so we talked about the fruits to avoid for weight loss and don’t misinterpret that all the nuts are good for your health, avoid sugary fruits as they are high in taste yet terrible for your weight loss

6. Sugary Artificial Drinks

Sugary artificial drinks

  • Numerous refreshments, for example, soft drinks, sports beverages, and natural product juices are exceptionally high in included sugars, however regularly low in different supplements. Expending these drinks adds calories to the eating regimen yet doesn’t enable an individual to feel full
  • With regards to positioning refreshments best for our well-being, sweet beverages fall at the base of the rundown. They give such a significant number of calories and no different supplements
  • Individuals who drink sweet refreshments don’t feel as full as though they had eaten similar calories from healthy food, and exploration shows they additionally don’t make up for the high caloric substance of these refreshments by eating less food
  • The regular jar of sugar-improved pop or fruit juice gives around 150 calories, practically every one of them from included sugar. If you somehow happened to drink only one of these sweet beverages consistently, and not cut back on calories somewhere else, you could pick up as much as 5 pounds in a year. Past weight gain, routinely drinking these sugar-stacked refreshments, can expand the danger of type 2 diabetes, coronary illness, and other constant infections

Conclusion: sugary drinks can be useful for gaining instant energy, but they are among those that should be avoided for belly fat.



  • You can’t eat chocolate and hope to lose stomach fat, isn’t that so? Wrong! Dim chocolate has an entire host of advantages that help in weight reduction
  • Then again, milk chocolate is a typical guilty party for our extending waistlines, with out of this world carbohydrate levels and piles of sugar adding to instinctive fat development
  • Taking into account that an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that the food that was related to the most elevated vitality thickness. In this manner the most with weight gain were chocolate bars, it’s likely best to keep these separate from your weight reduction diet

Conclusion: chocolates are unavoidable they have those specific tempting flavor which makes them inevitable, but they are certainly among those foods to stay from to lose belly fat.

Soybean Oil

Soybean Oil

  • When we got mindful of the supply route stopping up sick impacts of trans fats, makers changed to infusing their items with vegetable oils, such as soy, corn, sunflower, safflower, or palm oil—which wasn’t vastly improved
  • These vegetable oils have a high grouping of the incendiary fat, omega-6, and are low in the mitigating fat, omega-3. Americans are eating such a significant number of vegetable-oil-loaded items that the average individual has an omega-6 to the omega-3 proportion of around 20:1 when it ought to be 1:1. Irritation has been associated with fatness, so incendiary nourishments like soybean oil won’t help you if you need to get more fit

Conclusion: soybean oil has often been marketed as healthy food, but we can relate the health hazards linked to it from the above content.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

  • The fact is that ice cream must have 10 percent milkfat for it even to be called ice cream, some varieties having as much as 16 percent
  • Not only is ice cream extremely energy-dense due to high levels of fat, but it’s also high in sugar, making up most of its carbohydrate content. Even an “innocent” cup of vanilla frozen dessert still packs 267 calories, 32 grams of carbohydrates, and 14 grams of fat
  • You’ll get a little dose of calcium, but frozen dessert isn’t well worth the calories for a daily weight loss diet unless it is a once-in-a-blue-moon treat for your taste buds

Conclusion: it is energy-dense and soothing to our soul, but it is very harmful when you are trying to lose lower belly fat, so they come under foods to avoid lower belly fat.

Restaurant Made Desserts

Restaurant made Desserts

  • Sodium may be a primary culprit here and the sugar, calories, fat, and everything else. These sweet treats are frequently more significant than average. They are available toward the finish of a free supper out as of now so that they can add on very nearly thousand additional calories (or more!) to an effectively over-the-top dinner.
  • Eating out at cafés can be seen as a treat, and if it’s sweet, you’re genuinely there for (state, the spot is known for their 7-layer chocolate cake), a superior method to adjust your supper is to pick your pastry first. Another examination found that choosing your treat initially can assist you with eating fewer calories by and large! To adjust the dinner, change your principle supper to be more advantageous (settling on flame-broiled fish rather than seared fish, for instance, or picking a side plate of mixed greens rather than French fries). Afterward, share the pastry you genuinely need with an accomplice.

Conclusion: everyone likes to eat dessert after dinner, but they forget that they are going to add extra calories from those deserts in their daily lives, so they are among foods to stay away from losing weight

Bonus tips:

  • When we talked about a list of carbs to avoid to lose weight 3 things comes in our mind bread and grains, pasta, cereals they contain those harmful carbs which you need to avoid to lose weight they are not a healthy source of carbs, as bad carbs can be converted into fat these are certainly that intake which should be avoided
  • Refined sugar is one of the main reason for obesity in the world so it should be avoided

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