10 Motivational Fitness Tips to Keep You Going

by Fitness Fectory | 2020-10-15

You need to be consistent and committed and must be ready to work hard if you want to lose weight, get into shape, and improve your fitness. Remaining focused on your fitness goals might seem easy when you are just starting as most of us tend to remain highly motivated when beginning our journey for body transformation. However, as you will move forward, you will go through phases of low drive and energy and find it difficult to stick to your healthy diet plan and workout routine.

Here are 10 tips that will assist you in staying motivated until you achieve your fitness goals and even beyond that.

  1. Visualise Your Success

You must have heard corporate honchos say that they have been visualising themselves at the top of the ladder since the time they started. This helped them to remain motivated even when facing the toughest challenges. You will have to do something similar if you want to get the body of your dreams.

Visualise your final look following the transformation whenever you feel there is a slight drop in your motivation levels. Imagine how you will look in one of those body-hugging tee-shirts that you saw your favourite movie star wear. Women, on the other hand, can visualise how amazing they will look in a bikini.

  1. Seek Support

When you are beginning a new journey, in this case, a journey towards getting healthier and increasing fitness, you will need support. Getting support from friends, family members, as well as social media groups will inspire you in times of severe fatigue and monotony. If you are well-supported, you will never commit the mistake of leaving your journey halfway.

You must understand that you will not get support unless you seek it. Inform people about your fitness goals and share the strategies you have adopted for achieving them. This will make your family and friends curious about your progress and they will keep asking you how things are going from time to time. Such conversations will encourage you to move forward.

  1. Divide Your Goals and Then Conquer

Instead of setting a lofty goal that is not easy to achieve, you should divide your goals into certain parts. For example, if you are looking to lose 50 Kg, tone your biceps and triceps, have chiselled abs, never work towards all those goals together.

Begin by losing your weight. Ideally, your first goal must be losing 25 Kg. Look to shed another 25 Kg once the first goal is achieved. The remaining goals will automatically be achieved in the right sequence and without you feeling grossly demotivated at any point.

Your trainer will assist you to divide your bigger goals into several mini goals.

  1. Reward Yourself

Whenever you achieve a mini goal, do not forget to reward yourself. Remember, when you are looking to get fitter, you should not keep food in your list of desired rewards. Some of the rewards you can treat yourself with include a day trip to a nearby beach, booking a day full of pampering at a spa, etc.

  1. Buy Attractive Training Gear

Shopping is possibly one of the most effective motivational tools irrespective of which age group, gender, or profession you belong to. Go shopping and buy new training gear at regular intervals. Wearing the same gym clothes for months can demotivate you significantly.

Some of the items you should look to buy include striking leggings and tanks, a fresh pair of exercising shoes, a new gym bag, and more.

  1. Consider Having a Workout Buddy

To achieve success in business, life, and fitness, you must make sure that you are surrounded by like-minded, positive people, with whom you share your goals. So, when trying to improve your fitness and undergo body transformation, you should look to have a workout buddy.

Individuals, who have opted for personal fitness training, will have their gym trainer as their partner. Trainers are perfect workout buddies and will leave no stone unturned to keep you interested and motivated. Additionally, in most well-known gyms, you will also have the option of working out in groups. Some gyms will even allow you to choose between semi-private and private groups for working out.

  1. Create More Specific Goals

It is expected that when a person is joining a gym, he or she knows why they have joined the setup. This does not mean that knowing whether you are working out to lose weight or to increase your fitness is enough. Such broad and generalised goals will fail to spark drive or motivation in you.

Your goals must be more specific. For example, if you are looking to lose weight, your goal should be “losing 5 Kg in a month”. This will ignite a sense of urgency in you and keep you moving.

  1. Note Down the Goals

Often visualising your goals and uttering them are not enough for staying motivated and focused. So, you should write them down on paper. If you write down the goals, the act will serve as a motivator and reminder and stop you from wasting time lying down and binge-watching a popular web series.

To take this motivational technique to another level, you can write the goals down on multiple pieces of colourful paper and stick them at different parts of your house. Hang the papers beside the refrigerator, above the bathroom mirror, and near your pantry. When you will see your goals time and again, you will find it easier to ignore the temptations of skipping your visits to the gym or having a cheat meal.

  1. Join a Training Program

Your chances of achieving your Female Fitness Model goals will drop significantly if you do not join a training program. Getting yourself enrolled at a reputable gym will allow you to work out under the guidance of a professional trainer. He will set goals for you and tailor workouts to help you achieve those goals seamlessly. The trainer will also keep modifying plans depending on your results and requirements.

When you will start seeing the results of your hard work, you will automatically become deeply motivated.

  1. Use an Activity Tracking Device

Having an activity tracking device will help you to monitor your progress 24/7. Today, the market is filled with such devices; examples include heart rate monitors, calorie counter watches, and more. You will feel extremely motivated when the activity tracker will show that you are burning calories constantly and your body fat percentage has reduced considerably.


You cannot achieve your fitness goals if you do not know how to keep yourself motivated. Knowing your goals, exercising at a gym under the supervision of a qualified trainer, and getting favourable results of your hard work will make it easier for you to remain motivated.

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