3 Techniques To Look For If You Are An Intermediate Lifter

by Fitness Fectory | 2018-04-07

The best ways to achieve a perfect and bulkier body is proper training and sufficient nutrients.

Does that ring any bell?

Let me clarify what does that mean!

Proper training refers to the planned workouts that follow with progression reports at a place, while sufficient nutrients mean consuming calories that fuel your training and goals.

This distinction is necessary; for instance, you have been training for 10 years but paid a less attention towards your eating habits and consuming unwanted calories all the way.

Do you think this will build muscles or help you get in shape?


This routine is of no use as you have wasted a lot of time, while you could have made some potential gains over these years. A bodybuilder initiates his training with lifting fewer weights and over the time, need to increase them, so that they can achieve great results.

You won’t find any improvement if you have lifted the same weight for years; proper gains needs a high degree of planning, training structure, and healthy eating.

Here are three tips that will help you to make changes in your routine and practice – as an intermediate lifter, which will help you make further gains.

Pushing is the key to improve your performance!

As you may have seen, gains and quality turn out to be progressively hard to accomplish the more you prepare. That is all as indicated by plan—nature’s arrangement, that is. As you challenge your body in the gym, muscles end up greater and huge and stronger. The development of quick muscle strands makes doing that same errand less demanding later on.

As an intermediate, you may have a decent improvement till now.

At this point, you have created solid focus and can distinguish frail focuses. Presently you don’t really need to practice at this time, however surely can be profited from having times at which you can center on specific muscle gatherings. This implies planning to raise the whole physical change, however, give more volume to certain body parts.

Keep increasing present expectations through the standard of progressive over-burden. The thought behind dynamic overload is to never get excessively alright with your preparation.

If you are not seeing any gains, it might be an ideal opportunity to switch up your exercise. Begin by exchanging up the activities you do, like gains with tebow curl. You can likewise control volume, stack, rest periods, force strategies, or even the course of action of your preparation split.

Your plan could be something like this:

  • Upper – focus on the vertical region
  • Lower – focus on ham region
  • Upper – focus on vertical portion
  • Lower – focus on quad portion
  • Full Body – focus on weaker zones
  • Off
  • Off

The way to this was your focus zones were being worked 3 times each week, with one intensely over-burdening exercise, one lighter exercise, and one medium exercise. This took into consideration more volume to be put through these muscle gatherings, and it had a tendency to undulate the measure of volume as the week progressed, with the underlying accentuation day having the most. You ought to pick 1 abdominal area and 1 brings down body zone.

These sessions are fun and can be worked exceptionally well.

Pushing is the key to improve your performance

Increase Volume and not just weights

The issue with numerous size-centered projects is that they demand various arrangements of 8-10 reps; all performed utilizing near a lifter’s lifting max for that given rep run. Sensibly, you’ll be constrained by either your quality or your molding in this strategy, and perhaps either miss reps or wind up misery through appalling ones that you ought to have missed.

As a fledgling, you may have completed 1-2 chest works out or have done deadlift to build backside. As a middle of the road, you have to raise the stakes, and one route is by including another 1-2 development that works your pecs from various points. On the off chance that your standard as of now incorporates seat presses to focus on your center pecs, add slant presses to better hit your uppers. The additional volume enables you to work the chest musculature all the more completely, giving you better general advancement.

To represent, an intermediate lifter may do a leg workout meaning to complete 5 sets of 8 reps on the squat. He’ll utilize his sloping sets for low reps to empower his sensory system and get ready for his work sets. At that point come his 5 sets of 8 at, say, 300 pounds. Perhaps his movement will look something like this:

  • 95 lbs. x 5 reps
  • 135 lbs. x 2 reps
  • 185 lbs. x 2 reps
  • 205 lbs. x 2 reps
  • 225 lbs. x 2 reps
  • 250 lbs. x 2reps
  • 275 lbs. x 2 reps
  • 300 lbs. x 8 reps x 5 sets

Let’s be realistic: that is a hopeful perspective of a lifter’s understanding.

It is smarter to complete 8 reps of each having 2 sets each.

The best numbers will be even more a battle, however, by then your volume at the best end really goes down. By completing 2 top arrangements of 8 instead of 5, there’s a superior possibility for you to finish all reps with less strategy breakdown. After some time, this will place you in a superior position to nail another 8RM.

As you increment volume, diminish your recurrence. Rather than completing a full-body exercise three times each week, take a stab at the part it into abdominal area and lower body, or into independent muscle gatherings.

This gives you a chance to hit each body part twice per week or every four days, which enables you to accomplish more gains on each muscle gathering—without expanding your day by day exercise center time—however, it will probably require more outings to the gym every week.

Increase Volume and not just weights

Variations will help you to build more muscles!

We initiate with doing basic movements, but it is necessary for every intermediate to learn the variation of every exercise that will help them build muscle and strength.

For example, you know how to perform biceps curls using an E-Z bar by standing, but curls can also be performed with barbell and dumbbells. Refer to 5 exercises to build bulkier forearms, where you can learn variations in curls.

Curls with dumbbells will allow you to have a greater liability around the shoulder joints. Cable will allow them to pull on the muscles that depend on the set-up of the pulley. This can be even done by seating or standing and can be done by either one arm or both.

Curls can be even done on machines that control the movement pathway for it. Branded machines have their own advantages and using different machines can even add to a variety or using a single machine for different types can also add variety.

Include all the equipment in your routine and use them differently daily which will eventually help you to yield great results at your end. Learn when to lift more weight during the exercise and this will not only help you to increase the weights but with it, your muscles will develop.

This can be even helpful on days when the gym is over-crowded and you can try a different variation, which will help you move with the workout.

Variations will help you to build more muscle

Wrapping up

There may be many guys who are developed and have potential to grow muscles, but for that one needs to follow a proper strategy with enough variations. If your genes aren’t allowing you gain muscles, then go for supplements, like – Blackwolf or Testrogen, which you can easily order form Fitness Fectory.

Avoiding the above-mentioned points will hold you back and won’t allow you to make progress. Once you have started heeding the above-mentioned points, then you can easily achieve those fitness goals.

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