5 Severe Reasons Why You Should Use A Skin Protection Cream In Today’s Harsh Environment

by Fitness Fectory | 2017-10-13

Do you travel a lot?

Do you often go out in the Sun?

Do you think your skin does not need any protection? Think again.

The statistics of pollution around the world has increased exponentially; leading to harsh conditions like global warming and emergence of new deadly diseases. Skin cancer has become a common thing in today’s world because the percentage of patients has grown significantly since a few years.

Learn & Protect

The following are some of the reasons why it is necessary for you to wear skin protection all the time, every day:

  • UV Rays

One of the major reasons for skin supplements is the fact that exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun leads to severe skin damage and burning; often leading to skin cancer. The UV rays are even harmful to your hair, as it absorbs the vitamins and leads to damage, leading to frequent hair-fall.

  • Ozone Depletion

The use of CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) emitting items like a refrigerator or air conditioners etcetera has led to the depletion of the ozone layer. The ozone layer is present in the atmosphere, which reduces the effects of the UV rays of the Sun and protects us from the damage. Ozone depletion is one of the major causes of global warming around the world and the exponential emergence of skin cancer.

  • Ill Eating Habits

Our eating habits have gone worse from bad. A number of vitamins required to keep the skin and hair healthy are not consumed by us on a regular basis. This has affected the immunity of the skin and hair, exposing itself to damage and burn. Some of the best vitamins for skin and hair were earlier consumed in the healthy diet, but since junk food has become the king, vitamin deficit is common with every individual.

  • Pollution

As already mentioned above, pollution is increasing at an alarming rate, which has led to severe health damage around the world. Water pollution, air pollution, and radioactive pollution is directly affecting the health of our skin and hair. There is no other way than collagen supplements to revive it back.

  • Hereditary

Not every disease or condition is hereditary, but some actually are. Some of the hair and skin conditions are passed on from our ancestors, which makes it necessary for us to take care of our skin and hair so that it does not catch up real soon. If you take proper care of your health, hereditary might hit you later in life.

Skin Protection Is A Must

There are many beauty supplements like Zeta White etcetera which focus on reviving the health of the skin & hair and protect it completely from further damage from any of the above-mentioned conditions and more.

Skin damage leads to early aging, cancer, pimples or warts etcetera. It’s better to eat proper food and use supplements, wherever necessary, to stay young and beautiful for a longer time.

Grow Up, But Don’t Grow Old!

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