A cosmetic brand founder Jasmine Glass Says, “We need to move away from thincentric beauty standards”

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-06-29

The founder of cosmetics brand Spktrm, Jasmine Glass said: “We all need to move away from Thincentric beauty standards.” Read on to know the complete details.

Jasmine Glass sees a correlation between the lack of confidence that many women report and the heavily retouched photos people use in branding. That is the reason, Spktrm does not retouch their models during official photography. They even have a small list of banned terms or we can say the words they don’t use while interacting with their people and don’t write anywhere while messaging or advertising. And those words are, anti-aging, correcting, and perfecting.

We all have seen the world of beauty existing on the double edge for many plus-size women. Brands are unable to diversify the size in beauty advertising as well as are scared of giving beauty tips and makeup-tutorials on fat and round faces. But cosmetic brands don’t have size limits same as any other industry. Even plus-size women are free to use makeup without thinking about their size.

The gorgeous Glass commented on the double edge concern. She said, “It’s been decades, people are doing their things in this way; they are not even aware of what they are saying and what kind of impact their words may leave. So, she thinks we should move away from the thincentric beauty standards. She strongly believes that people are just following each other, they are doing the same thing whatever everyone else is doing. So, they all are required to learn the facts and start doing what’s right, what’s good and ethical.”

Jasmine said, she always loved using a face as a canvas for creativity while attending her college for makeup artistry. But later she found, it is required to do no-makeup looks over and over and over again to make money in the makeup industry. But that didn’t work for her. And decided to start her beauty and fashion publication.

Jasmine worked as a creative director at Glassbook for several years and seen thousands of heavily retouched images.

She got coincided when she started seeing aging signs on her face. Jasmine said, “It didn’t take much time for her to make a correlation between this very unrealistic beauty standard and how she felt when looked in the mirror,”

The values of redefining beauty standards, and featuring a broader definition of beauty. And that is where becoming retouch-free came in her mind and that is what becomes the basis of launching Spktrm.

Jasmine Glass founded Spktrm to all those women who experienced the same what she experienced. She did research, she interacted Dove girls & confidence report, which proved that 85% of all women and 79% of girls choose to opt-out from their important life events because of they’re not feeling confident about their appearances.

She believes in changing the way of thinking of the cosmetic industry. Jasmine hopes to lead by example.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful.


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