by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-09-03

As part of a research venture, Scientists at the University of Leipzig have developed an in-home test kit to detect Coronavirus antibodies’ presence conveniently at home.

The test named ‘AProof’ was developed to expand research for understanding the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. While other test kits examine the antigens or the body’s immediate reaction upon invasion by the COVID-19 virus, the test kit detects the antibodies produced in the bloodstream as a reaction to COVID-19.

The Test Kit and its Results

The test kit is designed to ease the process of specimen collection and to reduce the economic expenditure since the COVID-19 tests in Germany are exceedingly expensive.

The test can be dispensed at home without the need for a medical professional or technicality. Blood collected by a non-intrusive method is to be applied on the strip provided, and this strip is sent to a laboratory for further examination.

The test kits are manufactured with a unique access code, which can be used to register on a website to view results online. Results are available online after 24 hours of the test.

Expansion of Research:

The study aims to provide reliable test results to people who suspect having been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Through the results obtained, Scientists expect to gather adequate data for understanding the disposition of COVID-19 transmission.

It will be possible to monitor in which areas the transmission peaks and detect the virus even in people with asymptomatic symptoms. Since antibodies produced as a reaction to Coronavirus remain in the blood longer, they procure a more reliable result.

Funding of the Research

The research and the production of antibody test kits are being carried out by the University of Leipzig in association with the Adversis Pharma Company and the Biotechnological Biomedical Center.

The experiment is anticipated to run until the year 2022, with an estimated budget of € 323 million. The funding shall be covered by the European Union and the German Free State of Saxony.

Researchers claim that the transmission of the virus will drastically decrease through ethical surveillance of the results.

The test kits can prove exceptionally beneficial to Academic Institutions, Nursery Schools or Daycare Centers, Medical Institutions, Nursing Homes, and other areas with a high prospect of COVID-19 transmission.

Scientists and Researchers state that the test kits will be available in pharmaceutical stores and can also be ordered online. The development of these test kits will eventually eliminate uncertainty in masses at an affordable cost.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.


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