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Everyone in this world is thinking about the current devastating situation due to coronavirus as it hampers every and everything in both short-run & long-run. However, this lockdown doesn’t mean you could inhibit your body, so make sure that this lockdown won’t make your tummy fat lock with your body forever.

In today’s world, name a guy who doesn’t like to have muscle v-shaped & chiselled body & impress all the girls or women with their hot appearance in body-fitted T-shirts. Flat and over bowled tummies are probably the biggest hurdle of bachelors. However, constructing your healthiest body starts under the surface. Why? Since the core muscular tissues are the nearest ones to the significant axis of your body, they’re essential for the entirety from balance, stability, and motion to injury-prevention and energy.


In modern-day Internet culture, having an incredible physique may not be supernatural, but still, it adds a lot of brownie points to one’s prestige. Not only t in this global millennial generation; however, abs were famous from Ancient Greeks and Romans as an image of health, power, and physical health. Statues of Zeus, Poseidon, and Heracles are entire with perfect six-packs—a nod to the immortal perfection and strength of the gods.

In this article, I had laid out 6 reasons, that will let you know why even after making a lot of efforts, crash diets, exercises, etc. your abs are still away from you. These are that applies to everyone whether you are a total amateur beginning your weight-loss adventure or a seasoned who fell off the wagon over Christmas or wedding.

As it looks impressive to have a six-pack but, building one isn’t easy. If you’ve been crunching away after every exercise and are still not seeing results, you’re in all likelihood committing one or extra of those mistakes. Here are six reasons you’re now not seeing etched abdominals, and what to do approximately them! These guiding lighting will maintain you on the direction and narrow, even at some stage in a lockdown scenario.

1. Too Much Body Fat that covers Your Abdominal Wall

Too Much Body Fat that covers Your Abdominal Wall

Strong abs are not the most critical aspect of a seen six-P.C. or six-packs. If you have unwanted body fats that covers your abdominal area, then no matter how much crunches or leg raises you to do, you won’t be able to see your six-per cent. The only action closer to accomplishing the ones ripped abs is too easy up your diet.

Eating enough lean protein promotes fats loss and muscle gain, the two most critical factors for developing terrific abs. Protein is a fantastic way to start your day. A protein-rich breakfast can help to maintain your blood sugar. Eating breakfast isn’t a “magic bullet” for dropping weight, but its units a healthy tone for the day.

2. Your Abdominal Exercises Aren’t Diverse

Your Abdominal Exercises Aren't Diverse

Most of the people see abs as the sturdy little boxes within the middle in their physique. However, the muscle machine is much more complicated. Your abdominal wall is build of the rectus abdominus (the six-packs), inner and outside oblique’s that run alongside the perimeters of six-pack abs, and the transverse abdominis which lies beneath the internal oblique. To make your workout diverse, add a variety of exercises to your training session so that each can help your abdominal wall functions. You can try planks, cat-cow pose, Russian twist, heel touch and dead bugs.

3. You Aren’t Training Heavy Enough

You Aren't Training Heavy Enough

Lately, there was this bizarre hype that your abs need to train with ridiculously high quantities of reps. Some human beings go crazy and do extra than 500 reps in an exercise. If you are preparing for a high-endurance, abdominal-precise sport, then rep away. To get your abs to grow, however, you want to stimulate them similar to any other muscle group in your body. Start training your abs with some weight on the way to expand like your different muscle groups, and range the rep ranges every time you train them.


FitnessFectory Tip: For instance, on the first day of your training, perform at least 5 abs exercises like crunches, Russian twist, etc. With repetition of 15-20, in the next training day, perform different tasks than your previous day with a few repetitions. Increase the issue of redundancy as you progress.

4. You Try To Crunch Away the Fat

You Try To Crunch Away the Fat

You can’t lose body fats in particular regions of your frame through training that body part extra often. If a person ever tells you that you will get pain by performing the abdominal exercise, then don’t listen to his or her rubbish. Make them also understand that the simplest way to shed the fat out of your tummy area is abdominal or abs workout, these exercises will slowly and steadily dropped the excess of fat from your body via cardio, nutrition, and resistance training. And for flat tummies, these exercises will push your abs to come outside.

5. You Train Your Abs Every Day

You Train Your Abs Every Day

It is a sensitive subject as many health and body athletes do train their abs every day at the quit in their workouts. However, they’ve been constructing their abs for years, and what works for fitness professionals may not continually be a satisfactory method for you. Because you genuinely set off your abs doing many other sporting events like squats, deadlifts, army presses, etc., it is first-rate to offer your centre a break in the week.

FitnessFectory Tip: For better results, do it 2-3 times consistent with the week.

6. You Frequently Change Your Diet

You Frequently Change Your Diet

Many humans go through crash diets, and pre-contest nutrients plan so as for his or her abs to show. However, once they may be performed with their contest season or eating, they begin consuming junk food, prevent appearing cardio, and say goodbye to their six-packs. Say good-bye to crash diets, “dirty bulking,” and nutritional inconsistency instead. Adopt healthy eating habits or a balanced protein-rich diet like egg, boiled chicken, green vegetables, etc.


FitnessFectory Tip: you can add different sorts of supplements or protein in your diet like BLACKWOLF (recommend), NAINCIMAX, etc. all are available on the FitnessFectory website with 100% money-back guarantee and quality assurance.



In the end, there’s no hard-and-fast rule & short cut for success. The best way to shed stomach fat is how you can manage with your lifestyle. If you start an unsustainable plan, you might not close, it is as simple as that. Moreover, stomach fats are usually the remaining bit to come back off and the first to return. The tendency at with which abdominal fats wants to grasp to your stomach can make your weight-reduction plan and exercise discouraging. It may additionally take months or maybe a year to uncover your abs, but in case you keep on with being smart inside the kitchen, you may finally see results.

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To guide you properly with your oversized tummy and encourage you to be in shape, I am coming up with pinnacle seven sports that you can do in your home along with your pals within the consolation of your house so that COVID cannot contact you. So all the Fit-A-Holic guys stay tuned.


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