Beauty Brands Adoption Of Shoppable Livestreaming Has Found Its Way In The U.S.

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-06-25

Finally, live streaming has found its way to reach the U.S. after China and South Korea.

Instagram live streaming in the beauty industry is getting popular nowadays. Beauty brands like k-beauty brand peach & Lily were got known from live-streamed shopping only in South Korea. They are hosting their live streaming as “K-retail” on their Instagram Live since November 2019. The shopping events feature the best and latest-addition and their product links via a swipe-up link in a separate Instagram Story. The founder and CEO of Peach & Lily’s, Alicia Yoon said in an interview that, “People do like this type of engaging shopping.”

And yesterday on June 24, a popular beauty brand “Clinique” hosted live streaming with Emilia Clarke. A star of “Game of Thrones,” shared her skin-care and makeup routines during the event. An actress described on each product popped up on the screen. The users were able to visit the direct website to purchase those specific products. The event was even promoted by Emilia’s personal Instagram account to increase the participation of people. Clinique first hosted their live streaming on April 8.

Undoubtedly, Clinique is not the first brand to organize the Shoppable live streaming event in the U.S. Estee Lauder brands was been experienced seen hosting these shoppable live events on their U.S. sites many times during this pandemic.

Other beauty brands like, Bobby Brown, La Mer, and Estee Lauder have been hosting similar live streaming on their websites since spring. The brands conduct their shoppable live streams featuring celebrities, beauticians, makeup artists, dermatologists, and Internet influencers.

The use of technology is working tremendously for beauty brands. The higher management experts of Clinique said, “we’ve experienced the high demand for virtual assistance like live chat, virtual call, and video call with our Clinique experts.

The beauty brands are experiencing extremely exciting results by organizing shoppable live streams. Bobbi Brown got a 5% conversion rate from their Livestream event hosted on May 20. It was hosted by the brand’s artist, Nikki DeRoest in residence. The brand witnessed a conversion of 5% with an average order value of $99. While the general conversion rate of 2% with $87 value.

The audience sizes were also seen experienced increasing each week, also, the users who watched live streams visits more than 2-3 times on the website than usual.

Additionally, brands are also seeing shoppable live streaming events as a strong selling strategy for the long-term.


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