BlackWolf Hunter & Huntress Packs – The Most Popular Workout Supplement Review [2021]?

by Jennifer | 2020-03-21

Maintaining fitness and perfect body shape does not come without hard training and workout supplement. From well-known bodybuilders, professional athletes, sportspersons to celebrities everyone who is dedicating hours of long workout daily requires energy, strength as well as the high dosage of motivation.

One of the trusted brands in the US that are an all-in-one supplement is Blackwolf with its unconventional HUNTER PACK for men and HUNTRESS PACK for women. These are bodybuilding supplements that are exclusively formulated for the alpha male and the multitasking female of today’s fast-paced world who love to indulge in rigorous muscle training. 

Blackwolf Hunter and Huntress pack are engineered to provide energy and boost work out levels without any side effects. This is one of the few supplements available in the market that consists of all-natural and potent ingredients that not only enhance the energy but also increases the concentration level of the user.

Besides, the results are remarkably incredible and help in building lean muscle in men and provide an athletic body to women effectively.

So What Exactly is Blackwolf Supplements Premium Pack?


Blackwolf TRACK

BlackWolf TRAIL

BlackWolf HUNT


Safety Concern of BlackWolf Packs

Availability of BlackWolf Hunter and Huntress pack

Marketing of the BlackWolf Packs

Final Verdict

Where to Buy Blackwolf Packs?

So What Exactly is Blackwolf Supplements Premium Pack?

Blackwolf supplement packs are the product manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited which is the leading manufacturers of the best healthcare and wellness products in the industry for more than a decade.

Blackwolf packs are designed after years of scientific research so that the user gets requisite energy levels while undergoing intense training and workout sessions.  As is apparent, while training your body hard, the body faces wear and tear.

There, comes the role of Blackwolf premium packs as a gym supplement to rescue your body from such loss and provide quick recovery. Each premium pack consists of three different formulations including Blackwolf pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout supplements for men and women.

BlackWolf Hunter Pack – All-in-one Solution for Man Black Wolf Huntress Pack – All-in-one Solution for Woman
TRACK: Pre-workout Formula TRAIL: Pre-workout Supplements
HUNT: Intra-workout Supplement HUNT: Intra-workout Supplement
ELIMINATE: Post-workout Formula ELIMINATE: Post-workout Formula

The cherry on the cake is the 700 ml shaker which comes free with every purchase of the BlackWolf pack.

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Blackwolf supplements are not just any supplements, but a unique blend of natural ingredients that allows sure short impressive results within 2-3 weeks of usage. Having said so, it is clear that the users will definitely notice positive results in about 15 days of regular use. 

Let us take each pack individually to understand what they do and what they are made up of.


Serving Size – 30 g
Serving Size – 30 g
Serving Size – 30 g
Serving Size – 30 g
Vitamin C – 200 mg Potassium – 380 mg Vitamin C – 200 mg Magnesium – 480 mg
Magnesium – 50 mg Vitamin C – 200 mg Magnesium – 50 mg Potassium – 380 mg
Potassium – 50 mg Calcium – 144 mg Potassium – 50 mg Calcium – 324 mg
Pantothenic Acid- 25 mg Magnesium – 64mg Zinc – 50 mg Vitamin C – 200 mg
Thiamin – 10mg Pantothenic Acid- 25 mg Pantothenic Acid-  30 mg Pantothenic Acid- 25 mg
Zinc – 10 mg Zinc – 10 mg Vitamin B 6 – 10 mg Zinc – 10 mg
Vitamin B6 – 5 mg Vitamin B6 – 5 mg Vitamin B 12 – 10 mg Vitamin B6 – 5 mg
Selenium – 25 mg Selenium – 25 mg Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) – 15 g Vitamin K2 – 75 mg
Vitamin B12 – 10 mg Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) – 13 g Creatine Monohydrate – 3 mg Selenium – 25 mg
Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) – 13 g Citrulline Malate (2:1) – 3 g L- Leucine – 2 g Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) – 9 g
Citrulline Malate (2:1) – 3 g Clarinol Conjugated Linoleic (CLA) – 3 g L -Carnitine L -Tartrate 1.5 g Creatine Monohydrate – 3.5 mg
Clarinol Conjugated Linoleic (CLA) – 3 g Beta-Alanine – 2.5 g L-Glutamine – 1.5 g L- Leucine – 2 g
Beta-Alanine – 2.5 g L- Glutamine -2 .5 g Beta-Alanine – 1.5 g Medium Chain Triglycerides 1.1.g
L- Glutamine -2 .5 g L- Leucine – 2 g L-Arginine AKG – 1 g Beta-Alanine – 1 g
L- Leucine – 2 g L-Valine – 1.2 g L-Isoleucine – 1 g L- Glutamine – 1 g
L -Carnitine L -Tartrate 1.5 g L-Isoleucine – 1 g L-Taurine – 1 g L-Isoleucine – 1 g
Betaine Hcl – 1 g L-Taurine – 1 g L-Valine – 1 g L-Taurine – 1 g
L-Isoleucine – 1 g Sodium – 500 mg Caffeine – 250 mg L-Valine – 1 g
L-Taurine – 1 g Caffeine – 250 mg Others – Citric Acid, Inulin, Trisodium, Citrate, Stevia, Flavourings Caffeine – 150 mg
L-Valine – 1g Others – Citric Acid, Inulin, Stevia, Flavourings   Others – Citric Acid, Inulin, Trisodium, Citrate, Stevia, Flavourings
Caffeine – 250 mg      
Others – Citric Acid, Inulin, Stevia, Flavourings      


Blackwolf TRACK

blackwolf track pre workout review

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How Does Blackwolf TRACK Work?

Blackwolf TRACK is a pre-workout formulation designed for consumption by men only before the beginning of a workout session. Blackwolf TRACK offers the necessary nutrients which are highly required while high-intensity training and workout sessions.

Apparently, during a workout, the body needs a lot of short bursts of energy while lifting heavy weights, etc. which may cause micro-tears in the muscles. There comes the use of Blackwolf TRACK which provides the necessary energy level as well as muscle anabolism. Thereby, the user does not experience fatigue and perform longer during the training sessions.

The BlackWolf TRACK Claims to Provide:

  • High level of energy and endurance
  • Ability to undergo intense workout schedules
  • Loss of unwanted fat
  • Speed up lean muscle building
  • Increased levels of focus and concentration power

What Goes in the Content of the BlackWolf TRACK?

The list of natural ingredients present in BlackWolf TRACK is immensely long which enhances the testosterone levels. Every 30 g of a single serving of BlackWolf TRACK comprises several muscle-building ingredients.

A whole lot of ingredients are making way to manufacture this bodybuilding protein to generate power banks among men during the workout. When L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine are combined together with BCAA, they generate a powerhouse of energy that puts in the fuel necessary while working out.

On the other hand, Whey Protein Isolate which is one of the main ingredients, together with vitamin B6 and B12, helps in boosting muscle growth and attaining lean muscle mass. Undoubtedly, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that is ever ready to prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body, increases immunity and prevents fatigue.

This unique all-in-one workout supplement formula of Blackwolf TRACK is charged with the best bodybuilding protein as well as multivitamins.

How to Consume Blackwolf TRACK?

Blackwolf TRACK is meant to be consumed at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before starting the workout session. An adult is recommended to take 1 scoop of the TRACK powder which is equivalent to 30 gm of the product.

An adult may take 1 scoop of the TRACK powder thrice a day according to their daily work out sessions and requirements. You can mix the TRACK powder in water, fruit juice, skimmed milk or mix it with your yogurt and smoothies as per your preference and taste.

BlackWolf TRAIL

blackwolf trail pre workout reviews

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How Does Blackwolf TRAIL Work?

Blackwolf TRAIL is a pre-workout supplement formulation that is designed for consumption exclusively by women. This pack is similar to the TRACK pack, however, it helps in providing an athletic female body.  This version of BlackWolf i.e. the TRAIL pack is said to provide

  • Power and energy to the muscles
  • Faster recovery on the occurrence of injury or wear and tear
  • Enhances endurance
  • Promotes the burning of fat
  • Boost focus and determination

What Goes in the Content of BlackWolf TRAIL?

Protein with the nine essential, minerals and vitamins makes a perfect blend of beneficial nutrients. Citrulline Malate helps in widening the blood vessels that are necessary for the pumps as well as good for the female body. Calcium boosts the proper functioning of memory, bones, and muscles besides regulating muscle contractions.

Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, add the antioxidants to the TRAIL pack. While Magnesium and Zinc are helpful in converting fat and carbs into energy as well as keeping a check on testosterone levels. Selenium is known for regulating thyroid among women.

Creatine Monohydrate is another supplement that provides lean muscle mass, physical performance and enhances arm flexor training.

How to Consume Blackwolf TRAIL?

Similar to TRACK, this TRAIL pack must be consumed for a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour before starting any workout session. You may take 1 scoop of the TRACK powder which is equivalent to 30 gm of the product.

Depending upon the regular workout sessions, the TRAIL powder can be consumed thrice a day however the dosage must be limited to 1 scoop serving each time. Apart from water, for a better taste, you can mix the TRAIL powder in fruit juice, skimmed milk, yogurt, and smoothies.

BlackWolf HUNT

blackwolf hunt intra workout reviews

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How Does Blackwolf HUNT Work?

BlackWolf HUNT is formulated to be consumed during workout and training sessions since it is an intra-workout supplement. It is specially manufactured keeping in mind the level of high energy required during hard-working sessions to enhance the duration of the long workout. The BlackWolf HUNT gets you the following benefits:

  • Fights with the fatigue and you do not feel the exertion
  • Higher energy levels
  • Allows longer training sessions
  • Boost muscles power
  • Quick Recovery of any wear and tear
  • Enhanced stamina 
  • Prevent muscle break down.

It can be consumed by men and women both during the workout and longer training sessions.

What Goes in the Contents of BlackWolf HUNT?

The Blackwolf HUNT intra-workout ingredients comprise a proportionate blend of necessary vitamins and amino acids in the perfect ratio that delivers a unique combination to the bodybuilding supplements. The high level of carb to protein ratio is optimum to fuel the body during the rigorous training. 

The presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin E are a storehouse of antioxidants and helps in reducing free radicals.  Besides the presence of Zinc and Selenium prevents oxidative stress in the cells.

Naturally, the fatigue is reduced and allows longer training time. Minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. act as electrolytes and keep the body hydrated and are beneficial for both men and women equally. That is why it is known as an all-in-one intra-workout supplement

How to Consume Blackwolf HUNT?

BlackWolf HUNT must be consumed in conjunction with the pre-workout TRACk /TRAIL pack along with the ELIMINATE pack. BlackWolf HUNT is to be consumed during the work out sessions with one serving size of 30 g, that is one scoop. Besides, you need to eat a healthy diet too for getting better results. HUNT will definitely show remarkably visible results in 30 days.


blackwolf eliminate post workout reviews

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The common post-workout supplement in both the HUNTER and HUNTRESS pack is the BlackWolf ELIMINATE.  This supplement is required for the recovery of the body after a tiring workout along with the properties of protecting the muscles.

It heals and recovers your body, making it instantly ready for the next work out session. BlackWolf ELIMINATE- the gym supplement brings the following health benefits to the user after finishing the workout session:

  •  Speedy recovery
  • Boost muscle growth faster
  • Make up for the strength loss during a workout
  • Eliminates soreness
  • Eliminates free radicals

What Goes in the Contents of BlackWolf ELIMINATE?

BlackWolf Eliminate consists of a long list of ingredients similar to the other packs of TRACK, TRAIL, and HUNT. However, there is a high dosage of Potassium amounting to 480 mg in the ELIMINATE pack. Potassium is a mineral that is responsible for restoring the glycogen levels in the body after a heavy workout. Besides, there are Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Selenium in good quantities.

How to Consume Blackwolf ELIMINATE?

One scoop equivalent to 30 g of ELIMINATE bodybuilding supplements must be consumed soon after 30 minutes of a workout session. This post-workout powder must be mixed in a shaker with water, fruit juice, smoothies, skimmed milk or yogurt.

Safety Concern of BlackWolf Packs

One question that may be hitting your mind is whether these packs are safe or carry any side-effect. To be honest, the BlackWolf Hunter and Huntress packs of supplements are absolutely safe for consumption by men and women. 

The ingredients are carefully selected after years of research and are all-natural. Besides, these ingredients do not form a part of any doping list. To be precise, these are anti-doping ingredients and are totally legal to use and save.

The availability of these ingredients is based on plant origin and is processed in cGMP facilities.  The trustworthiness of the BlackWolf Hunter and Huntress can be analyzed from the fact that many people have submitted testimonials with positive results and all praises about the quality of the premium packs.

Availability of BlackWolf Hunter and Huntress pack

The Blackwolf supplement is easily available in around 100 countries across the globe. Following are some of the countries from where you can grab BlackWolf premium packs easily:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Italy 
  • Canada
  • France
  • Spain

Marketing of the BlackWolf Packs

BlackWolf is a well-known brand in the market and considering their presence through advertisements and promotions, it is clear that a huge budget is spent on developing the brand value internationally at an extremely high scale. 

Evidently, two sportspeople that are associated with the BlackWolf brand are Professional boxer Ekow Essuman and Olympic Swimmer Ekaterina Avramova. No wonder, they have been proved to be successful in casting their spells and making the product highly visible as well as driving user’s trust in the products.

Final Verdict

Considering the features, ingredients, benefits and other aspects of the BlackWolf HUNTER and HUNTRESS packs, there is no doubt about the fact that this product deserves a super like button and as many thumbs up as the satisfied user have shown visibly strong transformation results.

Apparently, it is one of the most sought after brands in many countries worldwide. Do not forget that you get an attractive shaker for FREE on purchasing BlackWolf packs with a capacity of 700 ml. 

After looking at the range of impressive impact it has on the body instantly and the desired results it provides, the BlackWolf gym supplement is highly recommended for those who indulge in sports, health and fitness industry, performing artists, athletes and those who are enthusiast bodybuilders.

Where to Buy Blackwolf Packs?

You can easily place your order for BlackWofl HUNTER and HUNTRESS packs at discounted prices from You can order from around any part of the world and we will deliver the same to you. At FitnessFectory you get 100% genuine and original products of international brands having the highest quality standards.

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