Bodybuilding Simplified: A Guide for New to Experienced Bodybuilders

by Trivesh Sharma | 2020-06-12

At some point of time in your life, before you stepped into the world of bodybuilding, you have always fantasized and yearned to look like your favourite celebrities. Whether it is your famous WWE champion or an action movie star, you never took your eyes off from those bulky and ripped muscles.

Stepping into a gym to work-out can be intimidating. This may freak you out, especially if you don’t know which way to go along with having proper guidance. Many newcomers have been training themselves at home, but they might not be aware of the techniques used to lift weights and operate other equipments. It may look like you are doing great, but you know what, you might be doing it all wrong. So, mistakes are the necessary evils. The exercises you’re doing, how long you work out each day, how many days in a week, and the type of exercises you’re following, not to mention what you are eating.

So, to bring your plan into play, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself. What are you going to achieve? Why do you want to go for it? Are you preparing for any competition? And it goes on. Once you are sure of your goals, you are set to go.  Regardless of whatever goals you have in your mind, here we present you a breakdown of concepts that will help you get to the bottom of bodybuilding. 

Let’s get started! 

Understanding the essential “Triangle” 

Understanding the essential “Triangle” 

If you think that lifting heavier weights and burning your calories for hours in the gym is all it takes to have a great body, then you need to step ahead a bit to understand that this is not the case. 

Whether you are a new lifter or an intermediate hunk, three prominent factors affect your gains and results. They are:

three prominent

As you see above, depending on the training you have opted for, you must have a healthy diet plan to fill the gap with healthy nutrients in your body. When you are good to go with these two factors, then focus on the rest part. You must be taking proper rest to recover your energy. When you go through a session of vigorous training with adequate rest and recovery, you will experience some positive effects including increased performance, good sleeping patterns, balanced hormone state and high energy levels. 

Ultimately, never break the triangle. 

Opting a right training plan for yourself 

Opting a right training plan for yourself 

Most of us feel apprehensive when it comes to deciding a proper training regimen. If you think that bodybuilding is no laughable matter, you’ll need to navigate your training with adequate accuracy. Your regime will differ wildly if you’re looking for bulking or cutting chunks of fat from your body (getting a shredded body).

It is not going to be that tough, and it is achievable to have the desired body. Generally, we ask: how many hours of training should one need on an average to have bigger muscles and heroic body shape? Well, the answer lies in how you divide your training into segments. There are different ways of untangling this knot; however, you can segregate your training into upper and lower body exercises. Divide it in such a way that it sets well with your schedule. 

Since you want to build certain muscle groups, you can begin with the old-school bodybuilding schedule where you can focus on every muscle group a day in a week or two muscles groups in a day. This depends on how your plans allow you.

If you are starting it from scratch, then you can begin with the following plans that will focus on each muscle group. Let’s get started.  



To have a broad and robust chest, you undoubtedly need exercises that’ll add inches to your upper body. As a newcomer, your main focus area should be lifting weights with a proper technique. Once you learn to nail that down, you can start implementing varying sets and multiple reps. And don’t be afraid if you are new to lifting weights. 

So to start kicking the chest workout, here are the following chest exercises that will help you pump-up the chest area: 

  • Pushups ( Traditional, Diamond, Wide Angle, Close-grip, Spider-man and Clap)
  • Flat Dumbbell Press 
  • Inclined Dumbbell Press
  • Declined Dumbbell Press 
  • Cable Chest Press
  • Crossover with Cable 



The muscle group in the backside of your body may look not-so-important for a moment but working on your back muscles is highly beneficial for a strong posture. Moreover, the back muscles play a prominent role in lifting weights. The mid and the upper muscles in the back help you strengthen the shoulder joints while it supports the muscles on the front as well. 

Now you know how much back muscles are essential, let’s take a look at the top exercises that will help you build them initially: 

  • One Arm Row with Dumbbell 
  • Pull-ups 
  • Chin-ups
  • Barbell Deadlift 
  • Seated Cable Row 
  • Pulldown (Front and back) 
  • Deadlift with Trap Bar 
  • Inverted Row
  • Shoulder 

Shoulder muscles are one of the fastest-growing muscle groups in our body. They are made of two types of forces. It includes extrinsic muscles, which have its roots from the torso, and linked to the bones of the shoulder. On the other side, the intrinsic muscles originate from the scapula or clavicle and are fixed to the humerus. 

Here are the following exercises that will help you get strong shoulders: 

  • Seated Shoulder Press with Dumbbell
  • Standing Shoulder Press with Barbell (Front and Back)
  • Front Raise with Dumbbell 
  • Bent-Over Lateral Raise with Dumbbell 
  • Standing Shrugs with Dumbbell 
  • Lateral Raise 
  • Dumbbell Front Raise 



Biceps are not only the “show” muscles to reflect your masculinity; they are responsible for a lot of movement in sports and bodybuilding. Composed of short head and long head muscles, biceps help you curl and flex your arms which give a curvy look to them while lifting weights.  Just to hone those big muscles in the front of your arm, here are some of the classic exercises that will add some curves to your biceps

  • Hammer Curls 
  • Standing Dumbbell Curl  
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl 
  • Decline Dumbbell Curve 
  • Cable Rope Curl 
  • Cable Curl from Behind 
  • Close-grip Curl with Barbell 
  • Wide-grip Curl with Barbell 
  • Resistance Band Curl 



Triceps are a strong group of muscles that lies behind your arms. As much as biceps make your arms look more muscular from the front, triceps plays at the backdrop. Whenever we are looking to build up massive arms, we often forget to look at the group of muscles behind our arms.  These are the ones which help you strengthen and straighten your arms at the elbow point which biceps fail to do.  So without further ado, let’s take a look at some top exercises that will help you build these muscles. 

  • Diamond Pushups 
  • Bench Press with Close Grip 
  • Rope Pushdown 
  • Dips 
  • Overhead Extension 
  • Bench Dip 
  • Standard Pushups 



As glamorous and fascinating abs look like on television, turning them from fat packets to tone bricks requires a lot of hustle. The core is an integral part of many other exercises, where you can keep your body stable and toned. So how are you going to achieve six-pack abs? Well, that will require you to abide by a plan, but here let’s take a look at some of the best ab workout exercises that will get you the desired core. 

  • Sit Up
  • Leg Raise 
  • Toe Touching 
  • Crunches 
  • Plank 
  • Side Bend with Dumbbell 
  • Leg Raise (Hanging) 
  • Hanging Knee Raise with Twists 
  • Bicycle Crunches   



Generally, most guys focus on honing their upper bodies hard and avoid working on the lower part. As much as we carry out chest, arm, and ab workouts with all fierce robustness, your legs need to have a strong foundation. But here’s a secret. To have a muscular torso, get your lazy butt on the field and spend serious time building those pillars. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at the following exercise that will spark up your leg workout

  • Standard Squats
  • Pistol Squats 
  • Deadlift 
  • Walking Lunges 
  • Sumo Squats 
  • Leg Press 
  • Split Squats 
  • Calf Raise 
  • Hamstring Raise 

Since now you have understood the basic structure of every muscle group and the exercises that are required to hone them, one of the things that gym-goers still fail to understand is that whether they are doing it right or wrong. There are times when you keep feeling a sweet pain in a group of muscles which persists for days or weeks. How do you fix that? 

Rule to Nail Your Bodybuilding Goals

Rule to Nail Your Bodybuilding Goals

Well, bodybuilding is not all about lifting heavy weights, but it is about lifting weights that suit your body coupled with the right technique. As you begin lifting weights, feeling the muscle movement beneath your skin to understand the method and not just doing it, blindly is always rewarding. Once you have nailed this theory and follow your trainer seriously, there are fewer chances of muscle damage. Also, you will always be productive in your mission of bodybuilding. Always track the movement. 

Understanding your “Body Type”

Understanding your “Body Type”

Genetically, every person is different in adapting a particular schedule and diet. To get it all right, knowing your correct “body type” can do wonders to reach your goals. It will assist you in getting the most out of your dreams, by cleaning your diet and choosing the right set of exercises to select.

If you look into a mirror, certain features will help you decide your right body type. So, let’s get a closer look to understand your body type and getting the right training for it. 

Mesomorph: This kind of body type means you are a very athletic-looking person with a technically good posture and body symmetry. If this sounds perfect to you, then you tend to grow muscles faster. Also, people with this body type tend to lose fat quickly when on the right diet. Lifting heavy weights and doing supersets will have a significant impact on their body. Make sure this does not lead you to overtrain and exhaustion. Also, keeping your diet with a high amount of good quality protein will add more strength. 

Ectomorph:  People with this kind of body type tend to have a long and lean body structure with low body fat. They have a strong tendency to processing carbohydrates into energy. Due to their fast metabolism, they burn off fat fast. One of the downsides is that they struggle to gain muscles. So to become more muscular, focusing on intense workouts rather than cardio exercises will help them maximize their growth hormone. Moreover, having 2500 to 3,000 calories a day will give them more results. 

Endomorph: If you have high body fat and find it hard to burn it, then you are an endomorph. From the bodybuilding perspective, they have broad and strong body structure which is a  plus point for their progress. However, they need to work on enhancing their metabolism. Since they have extra body fat, heavy cardiovascular training will always be fruitful and productive. Also, eating small and frequent meals with high-protein content will be more beneficial. 

Choosing the right personal trainer 

Choosing the right personal trainer 

Having a personal trainer is not about just stepping into a gym and accepting whoever is free at that moment. It is your right to be judicious about who you hire and why you do it. After all, it’s your money, your health and your future. And because by being more concerned on the front end, there are better chances for you to have success in getting the right training without ending up wasting time.

When people are so clueless about who to choose, they look for someone to help them get the push. A trainer is one who introduces you to the machines and their purpose, teach you how to use equipments judiciously, take you through different workout sessions, and help you reach your goals. Even if you are starting or an intermediate player, a good personal trainer will always have your back. Trainers can also aid you to prepare for a competition, a race, or just overcome a sticking point.

If you’re planning to give time, money, and putting faith in a person to lead you in the right direction, then you need to have the right choice. Generally, you can witness a group of trainers ready to help you out, but one right decision can make your life hell or heaven. Still not clear how to pick the right one? Let us help you here. Here are some factors that you should see before you choose your guide. 

Certification: Before you see somebody calling himself or herself a “trainer” just don’t rush and agree with the terms presented in front of you. You have the right to know whether your trainer is officially authorized to train you or not. Ensure that he or she should have certifications from reputed organizations and know basic first-aid in case of an accident while using equipments. 

Checking with fellow gym-goers: A trainer’s credibility lies in the results he or she has shown to clients. Whether it is about bulking muscles, shredding fat and preparing for any competition, the history of success with clients matters a lot. Moreover, you can collect the feedback from the gym-goers who are working out under his or her guidance. That will help you get a clear picture. 

Asking questions: Asking questions is one of the smart ways to detect the red flags. What do you mean by that? Well, have a conversation over phone or face to face will help you get a plan on what the trainer will have for you in his basket, for example; What kind of diet would you be recommending me as per my goals? How realistic are you with your vision? What is the best program for me, and why? How are you going to charge and what? 

Well, there is no end to these questions. It may vary from person to person. But the real motive behind asking these questions is to get a landscape of how your training is going to be like. 

Inquiring for schedules: No matter how perfect your plan is, one of the things that can ruin your bodybuilding goals is the factor of inconsistency. Here, we are talking about the consistency issue from the trainer’s part. Before you empty your pocket for a perfect plan, make sure to ask your trainer about his or her presence in a week. Ask them if they have other clients at a particular time to train. Will there be any clashes in the timing you have set for each day in a week? 

Tracking Progress: With a personalized workout program based on your goals, your trainer needs to have a method to track your progress, so you know whether your hard work is paying off. As much as you are looking in your mirror to track yourself, make sure you check your trainer whether he or she is also tracking your gains, diet results and other required changes. 

Benefits of having a personal trainer 

Benefits of having a personal trainer 

When you start by yourself and decide to take up a training program and hardly get any results, it could be disquieting to know the progress. That’s when a trainer comes to your rescue. Setting your preferences out on the table will help you get to the core of your problem. 

You may feel so overwhelmed when you will start working out. When you are new to exercises, it may think that those movements look simple on Youtube or television. Eventually, you will realize how complex it is and how you need to gain knowledge about the technicalities. When facing the task of setting up a workout schedule, trainers know the in-and-out of everything about your program. They can figure out the right activities and plan for you. Also, they will help you understand the frequency, intensity, time and workout types to align well with your goals. 

Sometimes you need variations in your workout programs. In case you are an experienced player in bodybuilding, and you may have enough knowledge to plan your workouts, but somewhere you could be lacking something that could benefit your body. Although, it can be great to have a variety of exercises because once you get stagnant in your approach, doing the same workouts over and over again will always limit you to reach your goals. A trainer can crank your conditioning up a notch by giving a new perspective to your workout sessions. If you have been doing circuit training for a long time, what else could have been incorporated in your schedule? Well, it could be pyramid training and a new program of supersets. Once you are blending yourself with different elements, you get more scope to take your fitness and bodybuilding game to the next level. 

As you move ahead with your training, you may not realize that you are keeping yourself within bounds. That’s when trainers sprint right up to you and help you push for more reps and encourage you to get out your comfort zone.  In case you are suffering from an injury or a condition, and your doctor recommends you to exercise, you barely get any idea to deal with the pain and keep your goals on track? Experienced trainers know how to deal with all kinds of people. They have specialities that allow them to cater to the needs of clients.

As we end this piece, the “training” segment does not end here. We at Fitness Fectory are here to address the real problems that one faces every day. Sound off down below in the comment’s section and shoot your issues to us. Stay tuned, and stay fit!

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