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What are the top 10 main functions of Proteins?

by wellnessnutrition | 2021-04-26

Proteins are the building blocks of the human body. They are a class of macromolecules that help in numerous functions of the human body. Organized at four levels, proteins work […]

“Happy Birthday America”-American Bodybuilders Have Celebrated Their Independence Day Differently

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-05

This year independence was not celebrated as many previous years for the US. Here is how all your favorite bodybuilders celebrated Independence Day. As we all know, America is getting […]

Bodybuilding Simplified: A Guide for New to Experienced Bodybuilders

by Trivesh Sharma | 2020-06-12

At some point of time in your life, before you stepped into the world of bodybuilding, you have always fantasized and yearned to look like your favourite celebrities. Whether it […]


by nakul_gupta | 2020-06-08

Everyone in this world is thinking about the current devastating situation due to coronavirus as it hampers every and everything in both short-run & long-run. However, this lockdown doesn’t mean […]

A Complete Guide: Best Bodybuilding Tips for Men

by Urchowdhury | 2020-05-01

Getting a perfect bodybuilding workout plan and diet to meet the desired goals can be quite daunting without thorough research. Planning and dedication are the two main factors that can […]

Ultimate 8 Weightlifting Tips For Bodybuilding

by Urchowdhury | 2020-04-07

Weightlifting is beyond bulking up and increasing muscle mass. It is a journey that shapes your body, improves posture, increases bone density, and boosts your metabolism. It takes patience when […]

BlackWolf Hunter & Huntress Packs – The Most Popular Workout Supplement Review [2021]?

by Jennifer | 2020-03-21

Maintaining fitness and perfect body shape does not come without hard training and workout supplement. From well-known bodybuilders, professional athletes, sportspersons to celebrities everyone who is dedicating hours of long […]

Top 5 Supplements For Muscle Building And Weight Gain

by Fitness Fectory | 2018-05-13

Today, we want everything – fat loss, great performance, and explosive growth. To be the best you should take each favorable position you can, and no place this hold more […]

7 Resistance-Band Exercise To Build Muscles

by Fitness Fectory | 2018-04-07

From beginners to elite athletes – resistance bands are ideal for everyone; you can use the band to do workout anywhere and anytime. Underrated and underused, resistance band activities can […]

Fat Vs Muscle: Lose Weight and Gain Muscles at the Same Time!

by Fitness Fectory | 2018-04-07

Dreaming of getting a better physique? Well, you ought to work out! You’ll find many reasons to work out that include burning fat, gaining muscles, improving health, and living a […]

Know When You Have To Lift More Weight During The Exercise!

by Fitness Fectory | 2018-04-07

How much weight should I lift in the gym? Have you ever wondered like that? This blog will be a guide to how much weight you should lift and when […]

Initiate With These 5 Exercises To Build Bulkier Forearms

by Fitness Fectory | 2018-04-07

Do you wish to have bigger arms? Well, many guys wish to have ultimate forearms and they believe that this body part of their must receive respect from others. However, […]

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