by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-07

The main objective of the County Health Department is to conduct programs to improve the health and well-being of its residents. They protect their residents from infectious diseases through immunization. Right now, Lucas County is under red alert which means that in-person activities are restricted as there is a high risk of community spread. It has also been noted that there has been an increase in the COVID-19 cases in the younger generation. Recent announcements have been made by the health department which is as follows.

1. Conducting Classes Remotely

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department on Thursday conducted a virtual board meeting to discuss about the risk of coronavirus on the students if they go for in-person classes. They recommended that schools should conduct classes only remotely until 1st October. They also instructed schools to suspend their sports activities until that time. For weeks administrators and school board members have been discussing which option will be better for the students- remote learning, in-person approach, or a hybrid approach with students attending classes some days and learning from home other days.

2.Opinions of different Schools

The Toledo Public Schools have agreed with remote learning for the fall semester and also have postponed their first day of class. While St. John’s Jesuit High School and Academy who have resumed their classes by using a full in-person approach are confident that they are using proper precautions.

The Ottawa Hills Board of Education has postponed their online classes from 17 August to 24 August and the start of live instructions only to 8 September.

Maumee schools Superintendent Todd Cramer agreed to the online classes and postponed the date to 8 September. He said he will announce it on 12 August and this will give ample time for the parents to adjust to this change. In the meantime, their staff will also get prepared and it will also increase the number of in-person days for the students when they will return to the normal routine.

The Superintendent of Schools, Adam Fineske doesn’t approve to wait till 1st October. According to him, three weeks are sufficient to set up their classrooms and everything is on hand to the maximum potential so that when they are back to in-person, things are even better.

Matt Heyrman one of the board members of the County Health Department said that the health department and the superintendents by working together can help everyone to get back in-person as safely and as quickly as possible.

Ms. Anstadt said that she would not recommend going against the health department as though they have taken all the precautions but still this virus spreads like wildfire. So, it would be best to keep their students and staff safe in the coming time. 



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