First Patient For Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery For Queen’s-West Ewa Branch Faced Multiple Challenges.

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-06-28

The first patient of queen’s-west for weight loss journey has faced multiple concerns during this pandemic created by covid-19. Read on to know the complete details.

A 56-year old woman, Carol Ohelo faced additional challenges during this Covid-19 pandemic. She was the first patient to undergo elective weight-loss surgery at Queen’s Medical Center-West O’ahu. Even though she had faith in her surgeon as she has previously performed the same surgery on her daughter and husband at the Queen’s main punchbowl campus.

On Thursday, Carol had her follow-up exam at the Punchbowl hospital and said, “I feel terrific.”

A boyish-looking chief of Queen’s Bariatric surgical program, Dr. Cedric Lorenzo was recommended to Carol by her family members.

Lorenzo has previously operated many other family members including her three brothers of Ohelo. He first performed a surgery on Carol’s 18-year-old daughter Shelby, whose weight was 398-pound in 2017. Her daughter was suffering thyroid that was destroying her mental health. And even her mother Carol said, “I thought she will commit suicide.”

But fortunately, Shelby is now down to 180 pounds and living a healthy life with her boyfriend in New Zealand. After Carol’s daughter, her husband Darryl Ohelo was operated with a bariatric procedure in September. His weight was 319 pounds along with Diabetes Type 2. Now Darryl weighs 189 pounds and no longer required insulin.

He is all back to his work and responsibilities, said Lorenzo.

And then after her husband Darryl now it was Carol Ohelo’s turn.

Lorenzo used laparoscopic techniques, a small incision, and a camera in a procedure to reduce Carol’s stomach down the size of a small egg, and limiting the amount of food she can consume.

After the medical center resume elective surgeries in June, the punchbowl hospital was booked with the requests for bariatric procedures. So, Carol decided to be the first of three elective bariatric surgeries at Ewa Beach branch of Queen’s-West.

Carol was operated for multiple operations in the past that now require a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. So, weight loss will give her oncologists skin to use for skin grafts.

She is also required to attend six months of nutrition courses like her daughter and husband.

Her procedure was started with tiny sips of liquids for today. After that, she was able to eat 1-ounce of pureed chicken, broth, yogurt, cottage cheese, and other soft foods.

She weighed 242 pounds before starting her surgical procedure and now she is down to 232 pounds in less than 2 weeks. And wanting to hit her pre-mastectomy weight goal of 150 pounds.

Before starting the bariatric surgery on Carol Ohelo. Dr. Lorenzo thought Carol was already under the effects of anesthesia as he held her hand. He got shocked when she told the star-advertiser, “I felt him holding my hand when I was asleep and I was knowing that I am in a safe hand.”


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