by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-09-07

On the 6th of September, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo released statistics that indicate a drop in the emergence of hospitalized COVID-19 cases in New York. The number of hospitalized patients has plummeted to 410, which sets a new record of the lowest hospitalization since the 16th of March.

Data published by the State Health Department demonstrates that the infection rate in New York has lowered to about less than 1% for over a month now. The Statistics published by the State Health Department on Sunday are as follows:

  • Patients Hospitalized- 410
  • New Patients Admitted- 53
  • Number of Patients in ICU- 119
  • Number of Patients in ICU with Intubation- 56
  • Total Patients Discharged- 72,425
  • Deaths- 9
  • Total Deaths- 25,359

The total sum of people contaminated by the COVID-19 virus since the onset of the pandemic in New York amounts to 439,501. With the release of these statistics, the Governor also urged people to continue complying with the safety guidelines authorized by health advisories. “Our infection rate has been below 1% for 30 days, and New Yorkers can help us keep that streak going by wearing masks, socially distancing, and washing their hands. Our actions today determine the rate of infection tomorrow…I urge everyone to be smart, so we don’t see a spike in the weeks ahead.”

Deployment of a SWAT Team for the Expansion of COVID-19 Tests in New York

Governor Cuomo also publicized the results of the State deployed SWAT team for the rapid testing in the City of Oneonta in Otsego County.

Over the five days since the deployment of the SWAT team, 1965 tests have been performed. The rapid tests delivered results in 15 minutes. Out of the 1965 people tested, ninety-one(91) people tested positive for COVID-19. Eighty-five(85) out of the ninety-one(91) people fell under the age category of 18-24.

The results of the testing by the SWAT team showed that virus transmission was predominantly more visible in college students.

As Academic and Economic institutions intend on re-opening, extensive testing and data collection is extremely critical. Data collection helps in simplifying the nature of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and thereby in the formulation of efficient strategies as per the requirements of the institution.

Following the release of the State Health Department’s statistics, SUNY Oneonta becomes one of the several colleges in New York to reschedule its in-person classes.

Governor Cuomo informed people of the five testing sites in the City of Oneonta and the procedure to access the COVID-19 testing. New York has set a record of the lowest number of patient hospitalization. The transmission of COVID-19 can only be contained through compliance with the safety guidelines and extensive testing.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.

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