Hair Care Tips Every Girl Should Know!

by Kritika Adlakha | 2020-05-23

Importance of Hairs

As we know, hair is essential in our life; in fact, every girl wishes to have strong, long, and silky hair. Healthy hairs make a girl more attractive and charming. Having strong and healthy hair is a blessing for every girl. A healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to emboldened healthy follicles. Hair is a crucial parameter of external beauty. Every girl is anxious about its appearance as girls like to style their crowning beauty in different ways and try to experiment with their looks. Hence, we need to take good care of our hair. Due to long hair, girls feel much more confident. Nowadays, girls are too concerned with their hair because bristles make a girl look more attractive and bold.

The health of hair depends on the proper functioning of the tissues and having a diet that gives our hair all the nutrients. This helps to provide the luxurious mane that every girl should have always dreamed of.

There are five hair care tips that every girl should know:

  • Don’t get hot and bothered: Every girl wants to look beautiful and attractive; they want their hair to look gorgeous. They do so by applying heat products like hairdryers, straightening machines, rollers, etc. As it may save our time by getting ready faster and changing our look, but doing this will cause harm to our hairs and scalp in the long run. We should try to avoid these heat products continuously.
  • Nobody has time, and everybody is rushing, so most of the girls prefer to use a hairdryer to dry the hair after shampooing rather than allowing your hair to dry for 15 minutes in a lower turban. But if a girl wants to use the hairdryer, she can use it from 2 inches from her head and work upward.
  • Use natural products: Using natural products rather than chemical products is a healthy alternative. By using natural products, our hairs will get all the nourishment that they need. We should not use poor quality hair products when we use poor quality hair care products; it damages our hairs. High-quality hair care products that are free from parabens are perfect for hair. We should use hair products that are full of natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • Correct damaged hair: With time, our hair becomes damaged, dehydrated, and lots of split ends, but with some care, we can reclaim our health and smoother hairs. We should use organic products that are full of natural ingredients as they will make our hair healthier with no side effects. We should oil our hair regularly with proper massage as it will increase our blood circulation of head and nourishes our dry scalp and makes our hair longer, thicker, shiner, and black.
  • Live well: To have healthy hair, a person should follow a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet that includes Protein essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. To have hair that has shine and our bounces ensure that your diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables. By following all these hair care tips by heart, you can have your dream come true of having healthy, beautiful shiny hairs.
  • Shampoos and conditioner: Use the best quality of shampoo for your hairs because our hairs are very fragile. Use natural ingredient shampoo and conditioner because it is essential to make the right choice as our hair is precious for every girl’s life. Never apply conditioner on your scalp that will make the roots.

What Kind of Food Do We Eat for Healthy and Beautiful Hair?

What kind of food we eat for healthy and beautiful hair?

  • Carrot- They are good for eyesight, but they help out their hair, too, as they are rich in vitamins. They provide vitamin to our hair and make it stronger, thinner, and longer. If we drink carrot juice every day, it can stimulate hair growth.
  • Spinach- It contains nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium. Iron aids your red blood cell to carry oxygen to the follicles. Oxygen is vital for hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Quinoa- It is the finest vegan- friendly protein source. It helps our hair to strengthen, healthy, and gently clean and nourish our hair. Its amino acid helps repair the damaged hair shaft. It can aid hair growth and prevent breakage
  • Flax seed- They are rich in omega-3 fatty acid that helps to improve hair growth and nourish the follicles, making them stronger. Flax seed reduces inflammation in the arteries and is very helpful for hair regrowth.
  • Sweet Potato- It contains nutrients like beta- carotene, which is very useful for our hairs. It provides nourishment to your hair follicles. Vitamin A will boost your scalp’s natural oil and seal the moisture and promote hair growth.
  • Avocados- It contains fatty acid to help in making hairs stronger and shinier. Avocados are rich in vitamin B and E, which makes the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. It also contains lactic acid to help exfoliate the dead skin of your scalp.
  • Oysters- They help to support the hair growth and repair damaged hair because they are rich in zinc. Oysters also have protein, iron, calcium, omega fatty acid, and vitamin C are strengthened to your hair and prevent hair fall.
  • Eggs- Egg contains biotin, which many people try to take in the supplement form. They are loaded with protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin, which prevent hair loss and nourish your hair deeply and make your hair follicles stronger.
  • Yellow pepper- They contain vitamin C that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles. Vitamin C is excellent for hair growth and even help against hair thinning and hair loss. It can also help to decrease in a patient suffering from hair diseases and have hair tonic to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Salmon- It contains omega 3acid that helps by keeping our scalp healthy. They provide an excellent environment for our hairs to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss. Salmon also has a good amount of vitamins and proteins that keep our hair strong and the fat to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Greek yoghurt- It contains vitamin B5 that helps with blood flow to your scalp for hair growth. Greek yoghurt is protein-rich food that nourishes our hair and damages and dries the skin of your scalp, making them smooth and shining. Regular consumption of Greek yoghurt makes our hair strong and healthy.
  • Berries contain vitamin C, which has strong antioxidants to protect hair follicles against damage and helps the body consume iron from the diet. As deficiencies of iron in the human body are linked to hair loss, so that makes the hair strong by providing directly iron to hair
  • Mushrooms- They contain a large amount of selenium that is very important for healthy hair. Selenium prevents dandruff and aids in hair growth. It enhances the condition of the scalp and increases hair growth. It is a good source of fiber and unsaturated fatty acid.
  • Soya Bean- Soya bean is the best food for hair growth because it is rich in iron, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, folic acid that nourishes our hairs and hence our hair becomes soft and manageable. It increases the flow of blood to the hair shaft and helps in the overall movement of the body. It controls and stops hair fall and has good hair pigment for proper hair growth.
  • Lentils- These are rich in iron, zinc, biotin, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and have small amounts of folic acid. It helps the red blood cell to carry oxygen which is needed for proper hair growth and essential for cell renewal.
  • Amla- It contains oodles that help to strengthen hair follicles and give your hair strength and luster. It improves blood circulation around the scalp and stimulates hair growth. The presence of the antioxidant amla is responsible for providing relief from the dry and itching scalp. You can apply amla powder or amla oil to get good hair.

Why Do Girls Apply Aloe Vera on Their Hair?

Why do girls apply Aloe Vera on their hair?

Aloe Vera is nature’s gift to our body because it has many qualities that can aid hair care as well as skin problems. It is high in collagen, which gives cooling properties to repair sun-damaged hairs and encourages hair growth. When we apply aloe vera on our scalp after that, our scalp has been cleaned oily hairs follicles and removing unwanted sebum, roots are nourished. In this way, hair loss and hair breakage slow right down and also increase blood circulation. When you apply aloe vera on your scalp, your hair looks healthier, shinier, and softer because it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E; these all help in healthier cell growth and encourage shiny hairs.

Benefits of Aloe Vera to the Overall Health of Hair:

  1. It helps heal any damage in the scalp.
  2. Prevents excessive hair loss, baldness, and thinning hairs.
  3. Balance the pH level.
  4. It cleanses the pores.
  5. Relieves scaly or itchy scalp, oily hairs, and dandruff.
  6. It renews the cycle with the follicles, regulating sebaceous function.
  7. Maintains proper physiological balance in the scalp.
  8. Aloe Vera helps to reduce seborrhea.

How to Apply Aloe Vera and Olive Oil Mask on Your Scalp?

How to apply aloe vera and olive oil mask on your scalp?

The mixture of aloe vera and olive oil strengthens the damaged and brittle hair. Take two tablespoon of egg yolk, 5 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Warm the olive oil for 10 second then blend the aloe vera gel and egg yolk and mix them completely together. Use a hairbrush to use the mixture on your hair strands. It is preferable to apply it at night so you can leave it in your hair while sleeping. Continuously apply this hair mask for 10 days, and you will see the result your hair will slowly enhance its strength and become shinier and more beautiful.

The Homemade Remedy of Ginger for Hair Loss, Dandruff and Hair Growth

The homemade remedy of ginger for hair loss, dandruff and hair growth

Ginger is known as a natural antiseptic that kills the fungi, which can cause dandruff. It strengthens the hair tresses from the roots to the hair tip, which aids hair growth. It represses the growth of yeast, preventing flakes, itching, and dandruff before they happen. It contains magnesium, vitamins, iron, etc. which help in making hairs stronger and healthier. It treats scalp ache.

Ginger for Hair Loss:

Take fresh ginger juice and an amla oil mix, then gently and apply to the scalp. Leave this for 20 minutes, then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Ginger for Dandruff:

Take fresh ginger juice, yogurt, and lemon juice mix all of them together, then apply to the scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes, wash your head with regular water, and don’t use warm water and see the result.

Ginger for Hair Growth:

Take fresh ginger juice, aloe vera gel and lemon juice mix all of them gently then apply to your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

How to Maintain Healthy Hairs?

How to maintain healthy hairs?

Haircare Tips:

  • Washing your hair with good hair care products is very helpful for hair health, but over-washing brings brittleness and dryness to your hair. While washing your hair avoid using water that’s too hot since it will dry the scalp. Instead, use lukewarm water or intermittent bursts of cold water.
  • Do not sleep with wet and damp hairs. This will weaken the follicles and make hairs strands brittle. Wet hairs also cause breakage. Blow-dry at low heat at the roots before bed.
  • Avoid over-drying your hairs because when you dry your hair looks frizzy and damaged. This will reduce the moisture and always dab the hair gently with a towel instead of rubbing.
  • Don’t use poor quality hair products because these products can harm your hairs and result in total damage.
  • Never use shampoos and conditioners that contain chemicals as we are losing our hair because of chemical products and pollution. It can also cause harm to our hairs and our hairs become weaker day by day. So don’t use harmful chemical products.
  • Most people use more shampoo than they require. Depending on hair length, you probably only need about a quarter-size dollop
  • Two times faster hair growth and to stop hair fall do exercise two minutes in a day for daily with few deep breaths helps to increase blood flow to head and hence result in fastest hair growth, prevents hair fall, and reduces stress.
  • After washing your hair skip the blow dryer and use a cotton towel to dry your hair. Start your roots and gently work your way up the length of your hair.
  • When your hairs are wet, a wide-tooth comb is your best friend. Brushing should be done when hair is completely dry.
  • Don’t forget to add fluid like water and coconut water to your diet. This keeps your body hydrated. Coconut water has electrolytes which assist in moving nutrients into the hair follicles cell.

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