by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-31

The trending coronavirus is globally increasing its effects day by day. The former Republican president, Herman Cain was also a victim of this deadly virus who passed away early morning on 30th July 2020 at the Atlanta Hospital… The above bad news was expressed by Dan Calabrese to The Associated Press who besides this also informed that the president was diagnosed COVID positive in June and his condition severely deteriorated with more prominence of breathing problem in July that ultimately left no other option than admitting him to the hospital.  

The reason behind his illness regarding when and from where he got infected still remains unknown but one thing is sure that he was hospitalized after he attended Trump’s campaign rally on 20th June in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The photo taken at the rally showed that neither Cain nor other people wore face masks irrespective that the mask was provided to the public and the president. Since at that time wearing the mask was not announced as compulsion by the government that is why the above casualness was noted down.

The result of casualness eventually landed the President to the hospital. Looking to his condition Calabrese was urged to express that ‘‘this was going to be a tough fight as he has already been diagnosed and been a patient of colon cancer which made his health more delicate. Hence, after hearing this bad news President Donald Trump and all other fellow members tweeted by giving him the condolence…

Herman Cain (74 years) was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up in Georgia. He was known to the public as a former Republican Presidential Candidate, a businessman, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, CEO, and executive at Burger King, Chief Executive of the National Restaurant Association, Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, an ardent supporter, and Co-chair of Black Voices of Donald Trump. Not only this, but He also became a prominent figure in right-wing media after he hosted a show on Newsmax TV and attracted the attention of the public via a long-shot presidential campaign and challenged Barack Obama. One of the negative qualities about him came out to be his allegations for sexual harassment against several women. This overall impacted his personality and forced to suspend his voting campaign. 





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