How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

by Kritika Adlakha | 2020-07-01

In today’s world, every second person is overweight. Due to the ever-growing stress in today’s day-to-day life, weight can lead us to various diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol.

Almost every person who is overweight on this planet wants to lead a healthy lifestyle by losing weight, but you all know that starting a weight loss plan is not a child’s play, and sticking to the plan is next to impossible.

This happens due to the lack of motivation to lose weight, and sometimes, in fact, most of the time, people tend to start their journey without having any real purpose. So people need to have a clear motivation and clear purpose of losing weight; without both of them, they will end up dropping out in the middle of the program.

People often say that I want to lose weight, but I have no motivation to lose weight at all. Don’t worry about why I am writing this article, so let us talk about how you can generate weight loss motivation step by step.

Topics we cover in the article……….

Never say to yourself that you are going to lose weight

Never say to yourself that you are going to lose weight

Yes, you read that right, never say to yourself that you are going to lose weight because when you say that you are going to lose something. Only then will your mind accept your thoughts negatively, and sooner or later, you will start losing your motivation towards that particular thing. Thus starting your journey with positive thought is very important in staying motivated to lose weight in the long run.

People often just say that I need the motivation to lose weight, but they don’t prepare their minds to think positively to start their weight loss journey.

Instead of saying the word “weight loss,” you should always say that you will gain an active lifestyle, health, better personality, better look, and confidence in yourself.

All I want to say is that you should be mentally tough to start something fresh as you will encounter various problems in your journey. It can only be avoided if you will keep your mind strong before getting a good body. You should make your mind healthy, then only you will manage to stick to any plan.

Make a plan which will easily incorporate in your day to day life

Make a plan which will easily incorporate in your day to day life

Getting motivated to lose weight is very easy only when you set a realistic goal which you can follow in the long run, it is useless if you set any goal which will in the short run motivate you but in the long run will become the reason to stop.

You need to understand that weight will not vanish in just a few weeks, so if you say to yourself that you will lose around 60 pounds in just 2 weeks, then I’m sorry. Still, you are sheer unrealistic, and setting any plan from that thinking would be a disaster as you will end up losing motivation and will stop your weight loss journey.

As you might not be knowing what is realistic and what is not, you should consult a physician or any trainer. They will consult you about your capacity for losing weight and how much you can lose in a day by determining your body’s needs.

Losing weight does not mean that you should just go berserk and stop eating everything and go for aggressive exercises in the beginning. By this, you will only lose motivation and will give signals to your mind to stop.

By research, it has been found that the slower the rate of weight loss, the longer it will stay. Somehow if you manage to lose weight quickly, then it is not going to stay for long as you will end up feeding yourself with junk food because your body’s requirements will increase after a certain amount of time when you put your body to rigorous training and will eat less.

If you want to lose nearly one pound in 5-6 days, i.e., 3500 calories, you have to shed about 500-600 calories a day, achieve it by eating less or exercising more or can do both.

Own a dog

Own a dog

Yes, that’s right; you should consider owning a dog as dogs tend to be more active than human beings. They can be your best partner in losing weight as they will force you to do more physical tasks that you were doing earlier without dogs.

In a study, it has been found that the people who owned a dog walked more than those who were not having dogs, as walking is directly linked with the loss of calories.

Dogs are always excited to go outside, so they will not allow you to become a couch potato, you have to take them on a walk in the morning and in the evening that will be very beneficial for you.

They are a very good support system. Unlike your human working out partner, they are always excited about physical activities, so you will not end your journey by not finding the motivation to lose weight.

From time to time, it has been known that owning a dog will lead you to have a happier life as happiness is directly linked with a healthy life, low blood sugar, and dogs can vanish your feelings of loneliness and reduce depression.

For years, it has been quoted that dogs are the only best friend of human beings, and it is very true to some extent.

Find a friend who can be with you throughout this journey

Find a friend who can be with you throughout this journey

Finding the motivation to lose weight is not very easy, and if you are alone then it is next to impossible, so studies have been put forward in recent past that when you start a workout journey with a partner, you will get a good result so that the only partner can give you weight loss encouragement.

If you hear weight loss encouragement words from your partner, it will lift your spirit and keep you on track. Having a partner will inject the feeling of teamwork in you.

But you must choose that friend who is serious about weight loss or have similar goals as you because if your goals do not match it will end up in a tug of war and you will quickly lose motivation and will turn your journey disastrous, say if you want to lose 50 pounds in a week and your partner want to lose 20 pounds, then it’s never going to work.

I would recommend finding more than one workout friend as it has been found out in various studies that when you work out alone, you will quickly lose motivation. Eventually, because it is very difficult to make a workout environment alone when you work in a group, you will not get bored and will keep yourself going. When you see people doing the same thing as you, you will find an environment and required reason, which will help to avoid tiredness.

If you don’t know someone to be with you in this journey or a  perfect match for you in weight loss journey then also it’s not a big issue in these days, you can easily find apps and websites which lets you find a partner for your workout through the internet, just google it, and you will find lots of answers.

Never compare your present with past

Never compare your present with past

Putting your past pictures on your wall or frequently acting as your weight loss motivation pictures. But only if you take that positively and only when you post some realistic picture of your recent past. But if you are at the age of 45 and post the picture of yourself when you were a 20 years teenager, then it will not work as a weight loss motivation pictures, because you are never going to look like a teenager again. At the age of 45, you have a slow metabolism and have less time to work out as compared to a teenager, so be realistic and post your picture of the recent past only.

Post pictures of your recent friends to whom you admire at your age and want to look like them will keep you motivated in the long run.

Post realistic quotes or weight loss recent quotes on your wall, which will keep you motivated.

Track your weight loss progress

Track your weight loss progress

Track your body’s intake as what you are taking in and how much calories it got, and you should always keep yourself tracked about how much have you burned in one month, it will come super handy when you feel like you have no motivation to lose weight

Track everything for one month as how many calories you have taken from last month and how much have you lost in exercise there are various equipment from which you can track your calorie intake and burnt calories, the idea is, if you can measure something in numbers then it will become very easy for you to improve and will motivate you in the long run, after one month or so you will be in a position to analyze your progress, and you will get to know the areas of improvements.

Take proper diet

Eat Healthy

Diet can be a big motivation for you, and diet can be a game-changer when you talk about weight loss. Diet contributes about 80% and exercises about 20% in your weight loss goal so that diet motivation can play a crucial role in one’s weight loss journey.

As we say that people become what they eat that is up to some extent is true if you want to become a healthy leaner fitter, then you have to incorporate a diet which is rich in protein less in fat that is not rocket science, isn’t it?

But apart from choosing your diet, you should also consider taking your meals at the right time and don’t take it too late in the night as it will only add to your current weight.

You will get diet motivation when the results are visible. Results will only be visible when you follow proper diet rules eating rules. From studies, it has been found out that when you eat slower, you tend to eat lesser. When we eat chew and swallow our food in the stomach, in this time of food processing, a hormone called satiety hormone Is released. It is the signal which is sent to the brain after 20 minutes, which commands the brain to stop eating; this will leads to less intake of food and will enhance our weight loss progress.

Eating a high protein breakfast is also another method to take your diet motivation to the next level. When you eat high protein breakfast, it will make you feel fuller for a very long time, and you will end up taking less food in your stomach, which is a very effective method when we talk about losing weight.

Read success stories, blogs, and books

Read success stories, blogs, and books

Watching and knowing hundreds and thousands of those who have gone through the same phase as you are in. Now they are somewhat successful in their process can be your weight-loss inspiration. You can grasp tips and trick to get yourself going, try to read some of the success stories which will motivate you, and some stories can touch your heart and will give you the right kick you need for your motivation. 

Success stories will motivate you and give you the routine the plan you are looking for.

I am going to recommend some of the books to help you in the course of weight loss, and those books are:

  •     The Elephant in the Room, by Tommy Tomlinson
  •     Heavy: An American Memoir, by Kiese Laymon
  •     It Was Me All Along, by Andie Mitchell
  •     Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir, by Jasmin Singer
  •     The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, by Shauna Reid

These are some books you can take weight loss inspiration that will motivate you whenever you want. When you feel like giving up, just remind yourself this: What was your weight-loss inspiration when you started this journey? 


Just throw away the clothes that do not fit you.

Just throw away the clothes that do not fit you

People often make a goal of fitting in some of their clothes, which they do not fit in is the worst decision. They can make because continuously making an effort on clothing that does not fit will can dent your fat loss motivation. Actually, by doing this, you are giving control to clothes to determine how you feel about your body, so when you don’t feel good about your body, you don’t make an effort to take good care of your body as you should take.

  • The traditional idea is that if you continuously feel stretched and strained and painful in your clothes, it will be a regular reminder to keep to the diet plan. But when you feel discomfort about anything, that is not going to be very inspiring. When you wear that tight, uncomfortable cloth, you tend to feel ashamed about your body. You will feel that you are never going to be in the shape that would be disastrous as this demotivation will lead to more overeating and hence will add more misery to your weight loss progress. So if you go for that old idea of clothing, you will end up stopping your journey.
  • You can follow the older approach where people used to have a clothing size as their weight-loss goal. Whereas taking a clothing size is not an appropriate approach, especially in the case of women. The cut of cloth can greatly affect the fit and look of a body. There may be a scenario where the dress size you had in high school is not a realistic goal for the women of 45 years old; this is just an example.
  • So just get rid of all the old clothing you have and which don’t fit you and find some clothes which are more comfortable and easy to wear, this will lead to enhancing your self-esteem and keep you motivated for the long run.

Reward yourself.

Humans these days have become very smart, but humans have some basic tendencies. They will always behave to those tendencies, they still respond to some basic impulse, you can always set up a reward system, and your brain will follow it religiously and give you the best results.

You should consider making a point system like for every good decision just give 2 points. It can be related to your good food habits or exercise, when you reach 200 points, treat yourself with something you will like to enjoy like going shopping, meeting your favorite person but don’t reward yourself with unhealthy food like going to KFC. It will only vanish your hard work. This activity can act as a big fat loss motivation. 

Some people have a different mindset. They measure everything with money. We have something for them; you can also put money in your piggy bank or in a jar whenever you do something good related to your exercise or diet.

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