How to Take Care of your Feet for Summer

by Aarshi | 2020-05-29

Are you not happy with every part of your body during these sultry summer days? Do you think you badly neglect one part of your body? Do you believe that you lack knowledge about taking care of that particular part of your body? In this article, let’s discuss one of the most neglected parts of our body, which needs special care and attention.

Taking care of each body part is equally important. If your feet stay inside your shoes, it does not mean that they should be neglected. Don’t you agree? Most of the people think that hiding your feet inside a pair of friendly footwear will solve the purpose of taking care of their feet. Wait!!! Do you think that is the only solution for you? Of course not!

Topics we cover in the article

What is Making your Foot Annoying?

A Quick Remedy for Foot Care

How is the Spa or Beauty Parlor Experience?

Is a Spa or Beauty Parlor your Only Solution to Get an Attractive Foot?

Home-based Foot Care Remedies for Summer

Precautions to Follow in Summer


What is Making your Foot Annoying?

What is making your foot annoying

You must know how to take good care of your feet, especially during the summer. Mentioning the season is essential because summer is when you’re more sweaty, and your feet stink like a pig. Yes, most of us feel embraced to remove our shoes inside the office. Reason? Ugghhh, that damn foot smell!!! How many of your colleagues have started avoiding you due to that awful feet smell? Do you always wonder why they are so reluctant to sit next to you? Are they maintaining social distancing even before this quarantine came into play? That awful smell does not even annoy any person sitting next to you, but also gives enough trouble to them who are inside that particular room. So to make your feet smell awesome like any other part of your body, you need to take special care of them too.

A Quick Remedy for Foot Care

Quick remedy for foot care

The combination of heat, sweat, and dirt, your tootsie becomes damn worried in the summer days. When summer arrives, and we drag our sandals and flip-flops out of our shoe closets, wear them without a sock, and scarily look at the foot, we find it dry and unattractive.

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Now we think that taking care of our foot would be done only by spending a good lot of money in a spa or a beauty parlor. Different spas and beauty parlors come with several types of foot care procedures, which are commonly known as pedicures. To take a few names of popular pedicures, see the list below. Take a short sneak-pick of such foot care methods:

Regular Pedicure: It’s a regular pedicure which involves regular pedicure materials like soap or shampoo and pumice stone. You can avail it from any of your next-door beauty parlour.

Fish Pedicure: It is one unusual way of treating your feet inside the water tank where special types of fishes called ‘goofy’ fishes will eat the dead skin and dirt of your feet and make it clean.

Spa Pedicure: As the name suggests, a unique spa treatment is added with the regular pedicure. It will add hot towel wrap, aromatherapy oils, etc., along with the routine pedicure procedure.

Wine Pedicure: Since wine naturally works as a skin rejuvenator, while it is used as a material for a pedicure, it shines your feet more than your face. Your feet are soaked inside the wine tub and grapeseed scrub to exfoliate your tootsies due to its antioxidant property.

Margarita Pedicure: Making your heels soft and supple is the main target of this pedicure. Your feet are soaked inside the water infused with lime and sea salt.

Hot Stone Pedicure: In this pedicure, a few hot stones are placed on your feet to release your feet’ tension by pressing the pressure point of your tootsies.

Athletic Pedicure: As the name suggests, people using their feet like any active athlete will be benefitted from long kneading motion massage with the help of a thick layer of moisturizing foot mask, and it is done after the deep exfoliation.

French Pedicure: It is just like a french manicure. The rest of the process is like a regular pedicure, where tips of your toenails are painted white while the rest of the nail remains neutral.

Chocolate Pedicure: No, don’t get so excited because you won’t be offered chocolate to eat in this pedicure method. First, your feet will be soaked inside the tub of melted chocolate where your feet will be treated with chocolate mask and chocolate scrub.

Paraffin Pedicure: To make your feet smooth and soft, paraffin wax is used to hydrate your skin and remove the crack of your heels.

Floral Pedicure: In this pedicure, your tootsies are nicely treated with floral essence in hot water. A floral scrub is used, followed by a floral mask to make your feet smell good.

Ice-cream Pedicure: Now, are you tempted to eat ice-cream in a beauty parlor? No, you’re not lucky enough! In this pedicure, you have to dip your tootsies in a tub of bubble-filled water. And, this water is prepared by adding minerals and vitamins which resembles an ice-cream scoop. Moreover, flavoured ice-cream scrub is used for this kind of pedicure.

Milk and Honey Pedicure: Here, feet are soaked in milk where the sugar scrub is used to make the feet soft, smooth, and supple followed by the application of honey foot mask.

Gel Pedicure: It is nothing but a regular pedicure, but here at the end, nail paint used is gel-based, which has a long-lasting effect.

How is the Spa or Beauty Parlor Experience?

How is the spa or beauty parlor experience1

Now the long list of pedicures that is mentioned above is nothing but a matter of more money. Plus, we find it excessively skeptical about the choice of a spa or a beauty parlor. When is the last time your best friend recommended you a spa, and you found it awful?

Many instances are there where people get hurt by the pedicurist while they take pedicure from the wrong person. Most of the time, of course, these are the instances of the local, next door beauty parlor. Women with less budget usually fall into such a trap. It is not that they are not spending money. But the treatment that they get is not satisfying.

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Many times, people even get dissatisfied with the hygiene of the spa or a beauty parlor. Especially, a beauty parlor run by your known aunt or mother of your bosom friend might skip the idea of giving special treatment to you, as you’re so close to her. Most of the time, a beauty parlor run from a home may be the best example for such cases. The main problem is that they hire inexperienced and naive beauticians who are not well-trained. They may be learning things and using your feet as the learning curve for the first time. It may be the main reason that they don’t cost you much. Now, if you’re going for special treatment, then you have to spend a hell lot of money on pedicure done by any branded and professional spa or a beauty parlor.

Is a Spa or Beauty Parlor Your Only Solution to Get an Attractive Foot?

Is a spa or beauty parlor your only solution to get an attractive foot

Now, you must be wondering whether you have to leave the idea of getting an attractive foot because it will make a big hole in your pocket. Leave your worries and be happy with the fact that there are multiple options available in your hands that need no considerable money involvement. Yes, you may take care of your feet sitting at your home. You don’t have to buy any expensive ingredient to pamper your feet and make it appealing.

Home-Based Foot Care Remedies for Summer

Home-based foot care remedies for summer

Caring for your feet must not come as a hectic chore for you. You have to ensure that you’re not discarding it from your daily routine. Pampering your feet must not be a matter of summertime, though. It is one regular task for all seasons. However, as we all know that the summer needs special care. During summertime, your feet sweat and need special care because it is the time when you mostly wear uncovered footwear. It is time when you go on a beach wearing your floral flipflop. It is the time when you want to show your colleagues that you own a good collection of nail colors. So, summer is the time when your feet need the ultimate care!

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Now let’s see how taking care of your feet daily can make your feet breathe and smell good. Let’s see how an appealing nail color does not look imperfect on your dry and scaly feet. When you travel by bus or any local transport, your scary feet does not make others give you that ‘Ewwww’ look to you!

Here are a few home-based tips on how to take care of your feet for summer – and beyond!

Soak Your Feet in Clean Water Daily

Soak your feet in clean water daily

Make a Separate Time in a Day – maybe after coming from your work, or if you’re a homemaker, you may do it after sending your kids to school and finishing all your household chores. You must soak your feet in warm and clean water in a bathtub or a foot tub for 10 to 15 minutes. To pamper your tootsie better, you may add a pinch of Epsom salt or a drop of tea tree oil in warm water.

How Does it Help: When you soak your feet in warm water, it relaxes and eases the soreness of your feet. It keeps your feet hydrated. After a long hectic day, it will unwind you when your feet are soaked in warm water. Plus, it will make your skin soft so that it becomes easier to exfoliate.

You may make it a routine to make the skin of your feet soft and supple all the time.

Exfoliation is Essential for your Feet

Exfoliation is important for your feet

When your feet are dry and unmoisturized, the dead skin starts to develop on your feet. It becomes worse during winters when your feet look flakier. Even during summers, it is imperative to remove dead skin to make your tootsies look shiny and moist.

How Does it Help: Exfoliation is done with the help of a pumice stone or a natural lava stone to remove the calluses and dead skin. You can do it by applying a circular motion across the heels. You may use good quality exfoliating cream or foot scrub so that you can get rid of dead skin cells smoothly.

Use Moisturizer to Make your Skin Softer

Use moisturizer to make your skin softer

If your foot skin looks dull and dry, then no proper open footwear can complement your look. Yes, soft and supple foot looks fantastic and attractive – isn’t it?

So moisturizing your feet is so important.

How does it help: Choosing a proper moisturization for your skin is the first step that you need to follow. In that case, if you’re using face or hand moisturizer to make your feet moisturized, then you must know that they are designed to be used by those particular body parts – not meant for your foot. You might find several gel-based moisturizers because during summer cream-based moisturizer might irritate your skin and makes your feet greasy.

Don’t Forget your Toe-Nails

Don't forget your toe-nails

Keeping your toe-nails in a certain length will make your feet look more attractive.

How Does It Help: Always remember that your toenails are more fragile than your fingernails. Before clipping them off, you need to soak your feet to smoothen out your nails.

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These are the essential tips that you can easily follow every day to make your feet look more appealing. Now let’s see what we should avoid so that our feet do not get affected at all.

Precautions to Follow in Summer

Precautions to follow in summer

You already know what you should do at your home to make our feet look great. But do you know what you should not do to keep your feet healthy and attractive in summer? Let’s know a few tips on how you can take care of your tootsies before it is too late.

Don’t Go Outside Barefoot in Summer:

Don't go outside barefoot in summer

Going outside without wearing shoes will cause blisters or any other kind of injury. It might develop different types of warts like ringworms, plantar warts, and other infections during sultry summer days.

Don’t Suffocate your Feet:

Don't suffocate your feet

Yes, suffocating your toes by wearing any kind of covered shoes may give you sweaty feet. Also, your toenails are one essential part of your body. You should provide a break from the nail paint so that it can breathe properly.

Don’t Neglect your Diet:

Don't neglect your diet

You must be wondering how food adds value to our foot care. Of course, your diet has an integral part in your foot’s health as well. Believe it or not, a few foods can make your feet bloated. No wonder food with high salt quantity is dangerous in this matter. Thus, to avoid bloating of your foot, you must prevent packaged foods which have a more elevated lot of salt. Even foods with high sugar can make your foot puffy and swelled. So you may have to reduce your favorite candy intake if you want your foot to look perfect.

Don’t Take Less Water in Summers:

Don't take less water in summers

It is going to be funny to say that you should take more water during summer. Because you always feel dehydrated and thirsty during this season. But do you know that taking an adequate amount of water is equally essential for your foot’s health? Yes, if you take plenty of water during summer days, you won’t face the problem of the swelled or swollen foot in this season.

Don’t Neglect Blisters:

Don't neglect blisters

Most of the sandals and flipflops that we wear during summers have a weird strap. These straps often cause blisters because it rubs in a specific part of our feet. To rid of such pain, you may use padding such as a liquid bandage, moleskin, and so on.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen:

Don't forget sunscreen

Oh, yes, sunscreen is not only for your hands and face; you should not avoid sunscreen lotion for your feet. How does it look when you see two different colors of skin on your feet? Ugly? Isn’t it? So using a proper sunscreen with a minimum 15 sun protection factor or SPF is always advisable. Using sunscreen lotion will make your skin look appealing, but it also protects your skin from many skin diseases or skin cancer. Plus, if you want your foot look younger, then using sunscreen lotion is a must for you as it protects the skin from premature aging. Not only will one-time use of sunscreen do wonders, but you also need to apply it a few times a day to protect your skin in a better way. Applying sunscreen to the exposed part of your body is so important when you go swimming or to a beach for sunbathing. Even if you’re using a waterproof one, you need to reapply.

Don’t Choose Wrong Footwear:

Don't choose the wrong footwear

Most of the time, we prefer wearing flipflops in the summer. Choosing thong-style flip-flops may cause you blisters or sore feet. No, you’re not asked to throw away all your flip-flops out of the windows. But you should avoid wearing flip-flops while walking for a distance. Plus, if you choose a flip-flop with better heel support, it will be better for your tootsies.

Pick Proper Activity Shoes:

Pick proper activity shoes

Selecting proper activity shoes while going for hiking, rock climbing, boating, etc., will help you keep your feet healthy and safe. It is advisable to buy and try proper footwear before going somewhere outside so that you can avoid uneasiness on your feet at the time of activity.

Choose Socks Wisely:

Choose socks wisely

If your work demands wearing socks even during the summer season or just wearing a sock to protect your feet from sunray, dirt, and dust, you must choose the material of the socks wisely. Synthetic or acrylic-based socks work wonders to remove perspiration as heavy sweat may lead to fungal infections.

Don’t Keep your Shoes and Socks Wet:

Don't keep your shoes and socks wet

If your socks and shoes are soaked, remove them immediately. Make them dry completely and then wear it again. Wearing wet shoes and socks may lead to a dangerous fungal infection. It is thus advisable to keep a spare pair of shoes and socks if you’re going for a water activity or if there is a rainfall forecast.

Don’t Forget to Clean your Feet after Water Activities:

Don't forget to clean your feet after water activities

If you’re a water sports lover or swimming is a part of your summer routine, you must not forget to clean your feet after every water activity. Because stagnant water in a river or lake often contains bacteria. If you do not clean your feet after any water activity, it may lead to a bacterial foot infection.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Foot Roller:

Don't underestimate the value of a Foot roller

When your feet are tired and bloated after a long workday, you must try a foot roller to give a circular massage to your feet. It is nothing but a rolling massager that can be bought from any online store or offline departmental shop, and it will help you pamper your feet by self-messaging.

Ice Therapy Works Wonders:

Ice therapy works wonders

When the foot is too tired and needs more pampering, give your foot a nice ice-therapy. To make the blood vessels of your foot running, you may soak your foot in a tub full of ice. It works wonders for them who roam around for their job or just an adventure lover. If your foot involves more activities, ice-therapy will work wonders.


You have seen how different, easy tips are readily available on your fingertips, which you can maintain on your daily life to keep your foot healthy, shining, and attractive. No extra money is required to pamper your plates of meat. A regular healthy habit is more than enough to keep your feet beautiful in the summer season. Knowing the tips mentioned above, you’re allowed to wear any kind of footwear without giving a second thought about how you will show your ugly feet to your colleagues or friends. So, be happy with your beautiful duo and flaunt it in front of anybody without fearing the problem of being judged.

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