Know Amazing Tips to Beautify Your Eyelashes

by Aarshi | 2020-07-02

Are you looking for some of the excellent eyelashes tips to keep them beautiful? It is believed that God creates every individual on this planet, and every person is beautiful. Beauty doesn’t represent external features; your inner power defines how beautiful you are.

On the other hand, it is equally important to maintain your external body, as you have to carry a personality of yourself that says a lot of you. Many of us are obsessed about how we look when we step out, no matter how messed up we are at our homestead. In this scenario also, basic hygiene is necessary.

One of the most sensitive parts of the body is eyes, which is protected by beautiful eyelashes, and to make it look more adorable, here are some of the fantastic tips following which you can get an idea about how to make eyelashes grow.

Some of you might not be having big eyelashes, for that there are different types of fake eyelashes tips available that you can follow. Moving ahead, let us have a look at the 5 eyelash growth tips that you must follow to make your eyelashes longer.

5 Remedies to Grow Your Eyelashes & Make it Stronger:

5 Remedies to Grow Your Eyelashes & Make it Stronger

1. Petroleum Jelly:

If you are looking for ways about how to make your eyelashes grow, then petroleum jelly is one of the best & practical solutions that you can apply. Petroleum jelly, also referred to as soft paraffin, is made by mixing hydrocarbons that make it a good for hair growth and various other skin related problems like dryness and roughness.

Because of containing the maximum moisturizing properties, petroleum jelly can help you to take care of your eyelashes.

Before you go to bed, apply a minimal amount of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes every day. Make sure you are doing that with a brush and not applying it directly using your fingers.

2. Oils:

Oils smooth your skin. No matter where you dry your skin, after washing your face with cold water, just apply a little bit of oil on your eyelashes.

Different varieties of oil are beneficial for your eyelashes growth. These include olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. All of these oils include fatty acids that nourish your eyelashes with follicles that keep your eyelashes healthy.

To apply oils, just pour a drop on your fingertips and apply it gently or use a brush to do so. You can even mix 2-3 oils and apply or go with a single oil that suits you the best according to your skin type.

3. Green Tea:

Green tea does not only help you in reducing your body fat but also helps to grow your eyelashes. And if you will follow these lash lift tips regularly, you don’t have to hunt for the fake eyelashes tips as you won’t need them.

Green tea includes vitamins and antioxidants and is used while the manufacturing number of cosmetic products also. Green tea can also be used for treating hair fall.

Take a cup of hot water, and make green tea. Let it cool down to room temperature and then apply it to your eyelashes using a cotton pad.

4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is known as one of the healthiest natural gifts that can cure many things like stretch marks, wounds, hair fall, and much more skin relevant problems.

Aloe vera juice is the natural remedy one can apply for hair growth, but yes, if it will go into your eyes, you will feel jealous sensation, so make sure you are not using it too much. Apply it when you are going to bed, and wash it with cold water in the morning.

5. Egg mask:

Eggs are full of B-group vitamins and contain biotin that helps grow your hair and prevent them from falling. It is also an abundant protein food that you can have.

Applying the egg mask to your eyelashes, taking an egg, mixing it with petroleum jelly or glycerine, and applying it. This is one of the best lash tips that you can follow. If you are looking for eyelash curler tips then this is the best tip to follow, just apply it in the upward direction so your lashes will be in a curve shape.

Mentioned above are the tips to keep your eyelashes healthy. Still, the only thing you need to keep in mind while following these tips is that you follow these tips daily. While you are doing this, try to avoid applying cosmetics to eyelashes, as the amount of chemical present in it makes your eyelashes dry.

Moving ahead, let see some eyelashes extension care tips just in case you are applying for extensions:

Eyelashes Extension Care Tips:

Eyelashes Extension Care Tips

If you are wearing extension eyelashes, then it is essential to take care of them because they too are made up of hairs and are sensitive, so to use them follow these tips:

1. Do not tint extension:

If your extension is new, make sure you are not tinting it or touching it too much; otherwise, the chances of falling it down will increase. Also, avoid touching it with your fingers. Just rub it lightly if you are feeling itchy.

2. Keep them clean:

If you are one of those who regularly wear extensions, then you must clean it to avoid it filling from dirt. The best way you can implement to keep your extensions clean is by using an extension-safe cleanser.

There are various types of extension cleansers available in the market, such as alcohol-feel extension cleanser, oil-free liquid remover, and more.

3. Don’t use mascara:

When you use the extension, it already gives more attraction to your eyes. Then there is no need to apply mascara on it because the main purpose of mascara is to curl your eyelashes, and if you are searching for eyelash curler tips then applying mascara is the option you can go with.

4. Don’t apply too much moisture:

Apply moisturizer to your eyelashes to keep them smooth but do not follow it regularly. Moisturize contains elements that remove your skin’s dryness, so yes, it might harm your extensions if done regularly.

5. Brush your extensions:

There are lash wands available using which you can brush all your eyelashes extensions to keep them healthier and dirt free. These are some of the basic tips that you must follow. If you do not brush your extensions, you will not feel your eyelashes fluffy when you wear it for the second time.

6. Use accurate cosmetics:

Applying makeup products is not bad, but when you use the extension, you should know which product is accurate. All types of eyelashes are different, and you can easily attach them to your natural eyelashes using the glue.

If you want to know how to use magnetic lashes, if you are a beginner and want to know what a magnetic lash is, find the information below:

What are Magnetic Eyelashes?

There are times when you want to look perfect, and eyes say what your heart says. To glow more and be the stand out in a public place, it is essential to carry your personality with a proper class so that people can notice you.

Now there are different type of fake eyelashes that you can buy, and one of the best quality eyelashes to buy are the magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are the full strip eyelashes having an impressive power to stick with your natural lashes, and to apply this, all you need to do is to stick it with a slight magnetic force.

Once done successfully, you will not be able to differentiate between the natural eyelash and the magnetic eyelash. Let’s see how to use magnetic eyelashes:

How to Use Magnetic Eyelashes?

How to Use Magnetic Eyelashes

Using magnetic eyelashes are simple and effortless. Each product varies from one to another, so the best you can do to avoid getting messed up is to follow the instructions given on the packet.

Firstly, trim the eyelashes to the size of your natural eyelash; otherwise, it will stand out in a completely different manner that won’t give your eyes a glam look.

Secondly, when you want to remove the eyelash, simply pull it softly so that you don’t feel any pain. And after removing it, wash your natural eyelashes and keep magnetic eyelashes in a box to save it from dust so that you can use it again.

Beneath listed are some of the frequently asked questions about magnetic eyelashes. These FAQs will help you if you are using the magnetic eyelashes for the initial time.

1. Are magnetic eyelashes good to use?

– Instead of using the fake and low-quality eyelashes, opting magnetic eyelashes is a good option. Bid a big goodbye to the traditional eyelashes and switch to the magnetic eyelashes. The most beneficial thing about using the magnetic eyelash is to forget about the glue that you use to stick the traditional eyelash.

2. Is it harmful to the use of magnetic eyelash?

– No, they are not harmful to use unless and until to put it into your eyes. Don’t apply much force on your eyelashes; just push it and pull it very gently.

3. Is it mandatory to put mascara on eyelashes?

– No, avoid applying mascara on your magnetic lashes. However, you can apply it before putting the eyelashes.

4. Can I swim with my magnetic eyelashes on?

– Nope, it is not a good option.

How to Apply Lash Boost:

How to Apply Lash Boost

Lash Boost is a product manufactured by a cosmetic organization that assures you that if you apply the lash boost on your eyelash, you will get the last longer eyelash that you have never got before.

There are many ways you can apply the lash boost, and let’s look at some of the easiest ways to follow:

Before you go to bed at night, you can apply the lash boost. It will give you the expected results in 8-10 weeks if done regularly.

Before applying the lash boot, wash your face with cold water, so that all of your makes are removed, and your face is dry.

With these two simple tricks, you can easily apply the lash boot on your eyelashes.

Wrapping Up!

Follow the most important tips about eyelashes to beautify your eyelashes. Share these details with your friends who are obsessed with being stylish and never miss a way to look gorgeous!

Stay tuned with us if you want to know more about beauty tips and want to deal with the best of it, we will be back soon with some more interesting information that you can read.

So, what are you waiting for? Start following all the above procedures and follow all these tips for keeping your eyelashes healthy.

There are times when we keep ourselves too busy that we don’t get a proper time to take care of ourselves, and this is when our body starts adopting bad habits like eating a lot of junk, not caring about our hairs, skin, and interior beauty.

If you want to make a personality in your corporate world or be an attention seeker at events. All these beautifying tips are the best to apply on yourself but yes, remove everything when you get to your body to save your skin from various infections or allergies if you have sensitive skin.

We know that you are excited to know more about the beauty, for you have to keep visiting us as we are also excited to share some amazing tips.

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