Know the Makeup Basics for Every Age

by Aarshi | 2020-05-17

Most of the women do not even know how to apply perfect makeup at any age.

Aging is a natural process. People have no control over the aging process. For a woman, when they start aging, the first thing that starts getting affected is her skin. It is due to the fact of no regular care of the skin. In this article, let us discuss basic make for any age as we all know that a little touch of makeup can hide any flaw of the skin at any age.


How is Make-up Important for Every Woman?

How is make up important for every woman

It is a globally accepted fact that makeup is part and parcel of women’s life. Only a few women have the guts to step out of the house without putting on any makeup. If not proper makeup, the majority of the woman tends to put on at least lipstick and eyeliner while going out for a job or party or vacation or anywhere. Even a god gifted beauty loves to experiment with the makeup brushes and foundation.

Facts Related to Makeup

Facts related to Makeup

A huge number of women invest a lot of money in buying makeup kit from different countries. Many of them have the notion that only makeup is the main rescuer while they have patchy or wrinkled skin. And, no wonder, a perfect tint of a right make up can easily convert a plain Jane into a beautiful princess. With the help of perfect makeup, any woman can hide any flaw of the skin. Makeup is applied not only to look good but also it has many other ingredients attached to it. Proper makeup can hide your weaknesses and enhance your strengths of our beauty.


Any woman at any age well-groomed by a proper feels more confident. Woman’s beauty is accentuated with the help of proper makeup. On the contrary, if makeup goes wrong, it will make anyone look funny, weird, or maybe ugly. So, it becomes imperative for every woman to understand the basic makeup tricks. Because makeup mistakes may lead to a perfect disaster to your looks, by embracing the proper tricks for makeup, anybody can bedazzle the eyes of the beholders.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Make-Up Kit

Criteria for selecting the best make up kit

The selection of the proper makeup kit is as important as knowing about the application of proper makeup.

However, we all know that not every skin type is suitable for any kind of makeup. Also, we know that makeup should be worn as per our age. Yes, it is no wonder a basic criterion while we choose our makeup kit. Our choice of makeup kit will decide whether we will look scary or like a fairy!

If a basic idea is not very much clear about the make up to many women, they tend to choose the trendy brands, or they may go for a costlier one, or they just listen to their peers. If a certain kit is suitable for Jenny with a normal skin type at her 20s, it does not mean that it will be suitable for Linda having an oily skin type at her 40s. No matter they are just friends, or they may share the same apartment. But makeup kit might not be shared to get the best result for both. Also, a foundation used for a girl with an extra fair complexion does not go for a girl with dusky skin color. So, the choice of makeup should be based on different aspects.

Choose Your Make-Up Kit as per the Occasion

Choose your make up kit as per the occasion

Another criterion for the makeup would be based on the occasion. Yes, you’re decking up for an evening party, or you’re going to your workplace, or you’re attending someone’s funeral – do you think that you should wear the same kind of makeup?

No, don’t make that blunder! The occasions decide the intensity of the do up you need to stick to. Usually, we divide makeup trends into three broad categories – Formal, Casual, and Night-time.

Formal Make-Up:

We’re going for a business meeting, and we’re looking dull – will we be able to crack the deal? No? Then we must understand the importance of formal makeup in our day to day life. We should not look blunt and shabby while we go to our office, or meeting our client, or attending a conference. A perfect tint of a simple and sober makeup will enhance the beauty as well as it will wear off the tiredness of our hectic life. We must not forget to apply moisturizer before using any makeup on our face.


Makeup Tips: After moisturizing our skin, we should apply base followed by the compact. We should apply an eye shadow after applying the highlighter under the eyebrow line, and we should merge it with our eye shadow. Then we must draw a thin line of eyeliner across the eyelash line. To enhance our eyelashes, we must apply thick and full mascara.

Now we have to outline our lips with the lip liner and fill it with the lip color. We must try to avoid flashy colors because our work is to do our work at the workplace, not to irritate other’s eyes.

Casual Make-Up:

When we decide to move out for shopping or a movie at day time, then we must go for a subtle and casual makeup. Our little bit of effort on our face will make us look amazing. But, if we put on heavy makeup during the day time, it will certainly kill our beauty. In this case, a light-coloured lipstick and eyeliner after applying foundation and base make up will enhance our looks.

Makeup Tips: To highlight the eyes, first, we should apply mascara. Then we have to use rouge or blusher on our cheekbone. After outlining our lips with the liner and fill it with lip gloss, we need to make sure we’re not applying the dark colour.

Night-Time Make-Up:

Going for a party or a long drive, or just a movie night? – We should not forget to enhance our looks by applying heavy makeup.

Makeup Tip: Since its night time, we may apply heavy makeup. We need to apply concealer and compact to hide the blemishes. After applying the striking colour of the eye shadow, we must use shining eyeliner under the brow line. We must apply double strokes of mascara. Then after drawing lines on our eyes, we must blend them properly. Then we must apply a blusher with glitter to enhance the cheekbones.


Now we have some idea of how to apply makeup based on the occasion. We need to be cautious before applying even a tint of makeup without considering the occasion. If we are applying shimmering make up during office meetings, it will never give our impression as a professional. At the same time, if we’re going for a friend’s wedding and applying a light makeup, then also our purpose will not be solved. Thus, it is important to choose our make up as per the occasion.

Makeup Criteria While Moving Out Daily

Now let’s know some more basics about make up while going out every day. The above-mentioned tips are generic. We should also give special attention to our looks while we go out regularly. Here we shall discuss the difference between the day and evening make up. No woman wants to look horrible while they step out of the house. A woman in her pyjamas at home is quite different from a woman going out for any purpose -movie, shopping, date, or simply to the supermarket. All women in modern days have become way more conscious about their looks. They know how to drag the attention of a stranger with a tint of proper makeup. Let’s see how daily makeup makes a difference in a woman’s life.

Day vs. Evening Make Up Tips

Day vs. Evening make up tips

We must know that day makeup should be lighter than the evening one. We don’t love to look shimmering at the day time. Thus, when we deck up at day time, we love to look subtle and sober. Any eye-striking make up does not only look heavy on us but also pinch the eyes of the other person. Imagine it’s a bright sunny day, and we have applied tons of makeup on our face, and it is melting now and then. Isn’t it disgusting? Thus, before applying heavy makeup during day time, we have to think twice.

On the contrary, when we move out in the evening, our makeup may go a little heavy. As discussed earlier, depending on the occasion, we should choose our makeup. Of course, the wedding party makeup would be different from the do up at the time of hitting the night club. We need to understand one more thing while doing make up for the evening; we need to understand the light condition in that case. We need to see whether it will be for lower light or higher light conditions. Depending on the light condition, we should put on makeup to look gorgeous in the evening.

Regularly Used Makeup Products

Now we should understand the products that we regularly use while we move out. Without knowing about the product, how will we be able to apply them to look perfect on any occasion?



The most important makeup product any woman would apply while moving out is the foundation. The best way to apply this product is to blend it with the moisturizer. The quantity of a foundation and moisturizer should be decided based on the coverage required on the skin. For instance, if a woman has a rough and coarse skin, then she needs to apply more quantities of foundation.


Usually, the foundation is applied with the help of a blending sponge. But, it is advisable to use it on our face with the help of our fingers. Because while we use our fingers, it will warm up the foundation well and spread it more uniformly on our skin. After the application of the foundation, we can see the visible difference in our skin tone. It looks perfectly flawless and natural. We must not forget to wash our hands after applying the foundation with the help of our fingers.



The next makeup product that is important before going out is eyeliner. This product works wonders for those women who never apply foundation. To accentuate the beauty, a few women will look beautiful by applying only this product. When we apply the eyeliner, we should never forget to sharpen the tip of the eye pencil. When it is not sharpened properly, it will smudge on our eyes, and our eyes will look awful. Plus, it is scientifically proven that a sharpened eyeliner tip has fewer bacteria.

Now we should learn how to apply eyeliner properly. First of all, the eyeliner is used in the lower and upper interior of the eyelid. After applying the eyeliner, if we see tears in our eyes, we should not apply it for a while. After a few minutes, the lash line of the lower and upper eyelids are lined with the help of the liner. With the help of the fingers, we should smudge into eyelashes to make it smoky looks.



After using the eyeliner, an eye-shadow is applied to enhance the beauty of our eyes. Choosing the color of our eye-shadow will decide how we will look. A brown or gray colored eye-shadow will make our eyes more attractive, and it will enhance the beauty of our eyes. Whereas, when we want to accentuate the lips, we have to use the lighter or natural shade of an eye-color. If we want to understand the color of it, we need to pick either beige or taupe color. A flat and small-sized brush is used to apply eye shadow to the eyelash line. To enhance the visible borderline, the eye shadow must be mixed at the corner of our eyes. The outer lines of the eye shadow are mixed well with the help of the fingers.



After doing the eye makeup, a puffy brush is used to the apple of cheeks to apply the blush. It is applied with the help of sweeping and soft strokes.



The Colour of the lipstick is usually chosen based on the dress or skin tone or the occasion. First, we need to line the lips with the help of a lip liner. Then we should fill our lips with the help of a lip gloss or lipstick.

Plus, lipstick can be chosen based on the eye makeup. If we are highlighting our eyes, then pale or light color lipstick should be used. On the contrary, if we have to enhance the beauty of our lips, then we have to choose a dark or shimmering lipstick.

Common MakeUp Mistakes

Common makeup mistakes

It is important to enhance our beauty with the help of proper makeup. But sometimes, we overdo our makeup, and that makes us look awkward. We should not apply makeup in such a way that it will make others feel that we have put tons of products on our faces. We should always know the proper makeup tricks, which will make us naturally beautiful. So, it is advisable to use makeup wisely. Otherwise, instead of looking pretty, we would start looking weird. If any woman does not want to look funny and wish to become a laughing stock for others, she should know a few basic makeup mistakes that we all do at some point in our life.


Foundation mistakes

If we fail to blend the foundation evenly on our face, it will make our face look patchy at some places. That’ why, blending foundation with the help of a finger is more advisable than using sponges.


Lipstick mistakes

Most of the women go bonkers when they watch a new color of lip shade on television or in a magazine. And if it is endorsed by their favorite celebrity, then no wonder they don’t waste time buying the lip shade online or offline. But we must understand that not every color is suitable for every skin tone. Also, if we overdo our lip makeup, it looks weird on us. Most importantly, we need to understand the purpose of the occasion. If we are applying a jazzy color while going out at day time, then it will certainly not be appreciated. At the same time, for evening or night makeup, any dark color will not harm anyone’s eyes.


Moreover, while we line our lips with the help of a lip liner, we must choose the color as per the lipstick’s color. Many women tend to use a different shade of lip liner, which looks awkward and funny.


Eyeliner mistakes

It is always good to wear eyeliner with the waterproof and smudge-free tag attached to it. Because in sultry summer days, if the eyeliner starts smudging suddenly, it will make us look scary and funny. Plus, we should know to apply the liner properly. Otherwise, it will come out of our eyes, or sometimes we might end up with liner in one eye while other eyes will look empty.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow mistakes

We should choose the proper color of the eye shadow. If it goes against our dress we are wearing, then it will look awkward. Plus, if we are wearing shimmering eye shadow at day time, it will become eye-shore for others.

Face Powder

Face powder mistakes

Using face powder in the wrong way is one basic mistake that any woman has once done in her life. While going to office in a hurry and to settle the makeup, we use face powder at the end, over usage of it makes our face look terrifying. It might make our face look like a zombie, and we might become the talk of our office for that particular day. When we overdo it, it might make us look patchy and rough.

Before and After MakeUp Tips

Now that we know how to apply proper makeup and have come to know the selection of proper makeup kit, it is our time to understand two basic things before and after doing makeup.

Before MakeUp Tip

We should not forget a few must-remember pre-makeup tips.

Clean the Face

Clean the face

Cleaning the face with the help of a cleanser or face wash suitable for our skin type is a must before starting the makeup. The dirty face will not allow makeup to stay properly. Also, we will never look fresh even after using a huge amount of foundation or concealer, if it is not washed properly.

Use the Moisturizer

Use the moisturizer

Never start using foundation or any makeup product without using the moisturizer. After cleaning the face, the first thing that we should do is using the proper moisturizer. Moisturized and supple face is too good for any kind of makeup.

After MakeUp Tip

It is not only our duty to do the makeup and look good at different occasions but also imperative for us to know the after makeup basics.

Remove the Make Up

Remove the make up

Nowadays, the market is flooded with many makeup removal products. They usually come with oil or water-based variants. Choose the makeup removal product as per the skin type. We must remove all the makeup before going to bed.


Many women make a mistake to call their day off without removing the makeup. In a way, it affects the skin when we grow old. So, we should not forget to include makeup removal tips at the end of our learning different basic makeup tips.


After learning all the basic tips for makeup for any age, we must have come to know that doing up is not rocket science. If our beauty needs to be enhanced, we need to make a few efforts to look good. And of course, we need to follow certain rules of makeup and know different tips from the beginning to end so that we look outstanding with the Midas touch of brush and pencil!

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