by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-15

KoreHealth announced the release of its KoreTrak Smartwatch early in the Summer of 2020. Within months of its release, KoreTrak emerged as the best-reviewed Fitness Tracker Smartwatch.

KoreHealth is a subsidiary firm of Strong Current Enterprise Limited, which has DFO Global Performance Commerce Limited as its Parent company. KoreHealth specializes in the production of ingenious gadgets and equipment in the field of Fitness and Health.

Features of KoreTrak Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

The KoreTrak wristband is a two-in-one Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch. As a Fitness Tracker, it monitors the Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Sleep Pattern, Calorie Usage, and Blood Oxygen Levels within a time frame of 10 seconds.

The additional features as a Smartwatch comprise a touchscreen interface for smoother access to apps, text messages, calls, and vice versa, along with an IP67 rating that verifies it is waterproof.

The Fitness Band is supposed to be connected to the user’s smartphone via the KoreTrak app that reserves the data retrieved by the Tracker. Over time this data can prove beneficial in identifying personal health and fitness patterns. This data can also be used to formulate work out goals with fewer complications so that the emphasis remains on Fitness instead of extra time to merely “plan.”

Moreover, the watch in itself is capable of storing data for seven days.

Where to Purchase the KoreTrak Watch?

KoreTrak Fitness Smartwatch is available on the official website under the name KoreTrak.com. The website explains in remarkable detail the refined technological intricacies and creative design of the two-in-one Fitness Smartwatch.

The Cost and Payment Options Available for KoreTrak Watch

The prices listed on the website as of 15th August 2020 are as follows-

  • $49.95 for one KoreTrak watch
  • $99.90 for two KoreTrak watches, and
  • $112.39 for three KoreTrak watches

The payment options available are Pay Pal or major credit or debit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, etc.

The KoreTrak watch is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS software. The prices demonstrate that it is relatively economical than its other competitors such as Apple and Fitbit.

The overall design of the KoreTrak watches amassed considerable positive reviews from customers all over the world. The economical price range, the fusion of a sleek smartwatch design with the technology of a Fitness Tracker, appealed to fitness enthusiasts’ demands. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is an additional asset to facilitate health management and not a personal trainer that would probe individuals to indulge in a healthy lifestyle against their intention.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.

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