by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-09-08

With the rise in COVID-19 cases after labour day, the health officials warned the Americans to take extra care and stay indoors to suppress the situation. How the American citizens reacted to the advice was how the next few months would be shaped.

In efforts to suppress the surge in cases caused after the Memorial Day and 4th of July many citizens planned on keeping indoors and ditching the crowd on the long weekend whereas some others weren’t as vigilant, they took to the streets with increased the number of affected people.

In San Francisco, more than 1000 people had gathered for celebrating the famous Burning Man culture. In Brooklyn, authorities had to shut down a bar during the weekends to ensure social distancing in overcrowded places like these.

For most Americans staying quarantined and following the lingering restrictions for protection against COVID-19 has become a quite challenging job. With the end of the dreadful summers and the onset of the cooler weather, more and more people have stepped outside for various gatherings during the fall.

America has been divided into four different zones depending on the number of new cases daily. The red zone areas have more than 25+ daily cases per 100,000 people, this is indicative of the fact that the community spread has been left unchecked, then comes the orange zone with 10-24 daily new cases per 100,000 people indicating an escalating community spread, then comes the yellow zone which has 1-9 daily cases per 100,000 cases indicating a potential communal spread and finally the green zone having less than one cases.

Despite expert advice, many have ditched all the safety measures like face masks, sanitisers and gloves increasing the potential risk.

Ahead of a vaccine, masks remain the most powerful tool to protect citizens from the virus. But with numerous students and faculties back on campus containing the virus can be a highly challenging task.

Covid-19 cases were caused due to off-campus gatherings and not following proper protocols. Some of the universities quarantined their students for 14 days while others sent the students who violated the protocols back home. The biggest challenge remains that COVID-19 can be hard to distinguish from a normal cold or flu.

Despite the President’s hopeful message, effective vaccines won’t be available shortly. Several experts have claimed that the vaccines will be available to the crowds at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year at the earliest. So, it becomes highly necessary for citizens to follow all the protocols and stay indoors as much as possible to keep the virus in check.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.


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