by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-31

On 30th July 2020, the governor Jay Inslee’s office staff announced that the new coronavirus limitations are put on hold for gyms and other fitness centers. Soon, new rules would be displayed. Also, at the time of media availability, Inslee himself proposed that his staff is working with the fitness workers to get a clear picture of the matter before the implementation of changes is done.

As per Blair Mc Haney, CEO of the Washington Fitness Alliance, a new group has been formed involving all fitness club owners and the governor’s staff who are working considerably altogether intending to safely reopen all the health centers so that people can come and do the workout. Thus, announced all this to clarify the public that all the experts in this field are working for the above issue by keeping in mind the betterment of people. The proposed changes announced by Inslee last week have reduced the number of people who would be allowed to be present in the fitness room at a time to 5 regardless of the fitness center’s size. Further, given his views by suggesting that one could square feet per member as an initial step to reopen back as every facility is different in terms of size and working process. On the other hand, Cody Glad, the general manager of the Columbia Athletic Club in Kirkland was happy to know that the new limitations were put on hold and felt confident which led him to say that ‘‘we have enough space to provide a safe environment.’’ 

Telling about his Club, he informed that due to the pandemic all the services provided by the center are free. Further, told that he has increased signage, sanitation methods and was pleased about receiving the positive response from the members who come for their limited classes. Approximately, the number of members who visit their site has been calculated to be more than 30 which is far less than it used to be before the pandemic. All the members are segregated to different tasks in such a way that at a time one room would not have more than 4-6 members.

Thus, emphasized that fitness is important for everyone to stay healthy and fit especially during this pandemic time. His conversation concluded by saying that once people are given a shot and they see that the facility can provide them a safe, sound, and clean environment. Those who would fulfill the benefit by accessing their services will make the situation more apparent and will increase the chance of hope. Within a few days, a clear decision would be taken regarding the issue until then follow the rules announced earlier.


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