U.S. Is At Risk Once Again -A Dire Warning From COVID-19 Test Providers

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-01

COVID-19 is ready to hit the U.S. once again. The U.S. is at the risk of exceeding COVID testing capacity. It seems something menacing is going to happen that would make the country realize the meaning of pandemic in real-time. Read on to know the complete details.

As per the information gathered from epidemiologists and executive of testing companies, the testing supply chain is stretched to its limits in America. And already an ongoing outbreak in the South and West could engulf it.

However, the laboratories have been adding an enormous capacity of testing results in the past few months but now it seems viral tests are again outpacing supply. The U.S. is testing 550,000 people each day which is increased by five times from early April.

The U.S. is lying in the dark nowadays and it will continue if demand will dominate the supply, and undoubtedly times for test results will rise. Hence, several infections will grow. A delay in testing will increase the number of infections as well as the death rates.

One of the largest medical-testing companies in the U.S., Quest Diagnostics said, “they would not be able to deliver COVID-19 test results in one day for patients who are hospitalized as their systems are overwhelmed. But they would give reports in one day to patients facing an emergency and health-care workers with symptoms continued saying.”

According to Quest Diagnostics, “Covid-19 testing orders had grown by 50 percent in three weeks. As the demand for testing is growing much faster than testing capacities.”

Other than Quest Diagnostics, chief of many other laboratories is facing the same problem. John Cohen, an executive chairman of BioReference Laboratories also reported that “three weeks ago we hit the wall of testing results.”

He continued saying that, “Most of the laboratories are at their ends of capacity level, as far as I can tell.”

Another big testing company LabCorp, reported the surging demand for tests last weekend. They said, “We are giving our 100 percent to continue delivering the test results timely with the continually increasing the testing capacity.”

Earlier days of the pandemic were faced with the shortage of COVID-19 testing kits as it was in short supply. And now the problem is coming with the testing equipment. Each laboratory is facing the issue of shortage in machines to process test samples.

The Clinical Laboratory Association of America has also warned the laboratory testing labs about shortages. The president of an association, Julie Khani said, “undoubtedly we are performing thousands of tests each day, also the demand of COVID-19 tests is expected to exceed over the coming weeks.”

The crunch of testing capacity is hitting the country since long now. There would be no surprise if the demand for testing overcome the supply of testing capacity.

Undoubtedly, a big threatening will be going to hit the health systems of the U.S… The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is increasing day-by-day which is even more than of any other day of the pandemic so far.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.



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