by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-25

Researchers and Scientists from the University of Hong Kong claim that a resident of Hong Kong becomes the first confirmed Coronavirus re-contamination case worldwide.

The 33-year-old who tested positive for COVID-19 at the Hong Kong airport screening post his Spain trip is employed in the Information Technology Sector.

He first tested positive for COVID-19 about four months back on the 26th of March and was discharged on the 14th of April. He tested positive for Coronavirus at the Hong Kong Airport upon returning from Spain via Europe on the 15th of August.

How was the Case of Re-infection Discerned and Proved?

Over time, Scientists gathered genetic data of the virus from people infected by the COVID-19. This genetic blueprint was used to assess the conception of the COVID-19 virus in the man. The genetic sequence ascertained a disparity in the RNA of the virus, and on the 24th of August, Scientists declared that the man was reinfected with a different virus than the first time.

The first case of re-infection comes right after the news of a ten-fold dominant modification of the Coronavirus found in Malaysia and evokes a new sequence of questions for Researchers.


How is Re-infection by COVID-19 Different in Terms of Immunity and Surfacing of Symptoms?

The man did not exhibit any prominent symptoms in the second bout of contamination by COVID-19. Less severe symptoms replace Coronavirus’s apparent indicators like Sore throat, inconstancy in body temperature, and Headaches, or Cough.

The inhibition of the development of symptoms proves that although re-infection can occur despite vaccinations and medicines, the body’s immunity strengthens and is more adept at dealing with the virus.

However, though the victim’s body is well acquainted with stifling the virus, the infection can be transmitted onto another person with no contraction.

Researchers believe that the influence of vaccines, re-infection, and transmission of the COVID-19 virus banks primarily on the resilience of an individual’s immune system.

Scientists and Researchers are still attempting to discern the pattern of infection and re-infection. As of now, re-infection is being considered as a rare possibility. Researchers refrain from drawing any conclusions based on a single case of re-infection.

The World Health Organisation has instructed health experts and scientists to conduct surveys on people infected by the COVID-19 virus in the previous months and use the data to analyze Coronavirus’s mutation since its onset. Tracking the progression of Coronavirus will help contain the virus and contribute to the formulation of an effective vaccine.

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